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  1. Sorry to raise an old topic, but is this not possible on 2006 models? Very frustrating when intentionally trying to have some fun. Thanks in advance
  2. Engine was 1.6 k-series SS, in a superlight giving about 300 brake per ton. In discussion with the insurers as to who will pay the bill..... The IS is a funny car, can't quite work out what it's trying to be? Projects it self as a grown up luxury saloon, but the ride is far too hard and steering too sharp to carry that off. Running 18" on std suspension though so my ride may be compromised a little? Feels very "darty" it jiggles around with very little body roll and you can feel all the road imperfections through the steering. Seems more like a grown up jap sports car than "luxury" to me. Alt
  3. As a full time car nut, choosing a 250 over an RX8 or Golf GTi (already dismissed 3, A4 and C-Class) was always gonna be (in my eyes) a risky choice. Just blown up my Caterham through "spirited" driving so the IS had two spaces to fill. One week and 1000 miles in would any one be interested in a self confessed sad old(ish) car enthusiasts opinion? Jon
  4. would love to show some..... excuse my ignorance, how do you load them up?
  5. Just wanted to share this with you.... Picked up my new 250 this morning, white std with 18" hoshi's. Was a little worried the rims would ruin the ride but it's fab and looks cool as f*ck. Had loads of comments from complete strangers?! First jap car I've had and spent the last 3 years in a 3 and C-class. The Germans have met their match. Cheers Jon
  6. gotta confess if it were my residuals I would have gone for a 320d (boo hiss) but fortunately it's someone else's money. First Jap car I've had and it was a toss up between an RX8. Been a petrolhead all my life and have to say I'm really looking forward to the IS, either that or I'm just getting old?
  7. Always gone for black/silver cars and fancied a change. Why do you not see any in white? Order was delayed couple of months and was told it was the colour?? Using Lexus Swindon via leasing company who I have to say have been execellent (apart from the delay). Is that a morgan replica? very nice. Keep a Caterham SL myself.
  8. have to say all the pearl white pics I've seen look stuning. Ordered the Hoshi's too..... counting the days.....
  9. sorry need grammar lessons....."have I done wrong"
  10. Hi Guys new to the board.... Awaiting delivery of IS250 (next month) and pearl white seemed like a good idea at the time. Not seen one in the flesh and don't seem to be many around? only one (of loads) on the lexus used site. Have I done a bad thing? I thought it looked cool, especially with 18" wheels? Cheers Jon sorry need grammar lessons....."have I done wrong"
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