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  1. NOW SOLD if mods can delete/update as appropriate, thanks.
  2. Yeah had it on autotrader, ebay a couple of times and pistonheads. Looking at past sales on ebay there are hardly any IS200's selling, and the few that are are all very high mileage ones for 4-5K
  3. Thanks, I have had an offer a couple of weeks ago at £8300 but I initally turned it down, seeing if the guy is still interested. I have seen a recent bid on ebay on a bog-standard same year model with nearly twice the mileage go to £8400, so I don't think I am asking too much really.
  4. Still for sale, no takers :( Now reduced to £8700
  5. Here you go (also note that I have renewed the tax now so it will have another 12 months from the end of June).
  6. Yep. Although may not be in Liverpool next until 8/9 July.
  7. I have an issue at work that is totally baffling me (and so far the only dba-like person we have here at the moment) and wondered if there were any Oracle DBA's here who might be able to help? In brief its to do with applying oracle archive logs to a standby database, and for some reason the recover process is occasionally requesting an archive log that it has previously processed. i.e. as a simple example its processing say logs 5,6,7,8,9,10, then suddenly wanting 7 again! It's as if the standby is suddenly being reverted back to a previous state but I cannot understand how this is even possible, let alone what might be causing it or how I can trace what might be causing it. Been trying to search meta-link and google for answers but so far no clue.
  8. Nah, too much hassle, rather sell it as it is to one lucky buyer :D
  9. See here:;hl=gas+strut
  10. NOW SOLD Its been a hard decision and I will be very sorry to see it go but unfortunately (for me anyway) I am selling my Lexus. Genuine low mileage with lots of extras: Lexus IS200 Sport Manual 2001 Y Reg Number of Previous Owners: 2 (including me) Mileage: 24,000 Tax: about 11 months left. MOT: about 11 months left. Service History: Full Lexus Colour: Platinum Ice Interior: Black half-leather (standard Sport model two-tone dash/steering wheel) Extra Mods over Standard: - Pioneer stereo with matching illumination and iPod and Bluetooth phone integration ( - Full professionally fitted TRD (Lexus) Bodykit (Front, rear, sideskirts), looks awsome. - Headlight "Eyebrows" - Debadged (Lexus emblem only on rear) - Crystal (clear type) rear foglights on boot lid. - Sport Grille. - K&N Air Filter. - Painted brake calipers (standard dark-green? colour) with lexus stickers. - Front Strutbrace. - Closeable top-centre dash cubby (rather than the standard tray thing). - Front side glass (legal) tints to match the rears. - Chrome 19" Alloy Wheels with 225/35 Khumo Tyres. - Powerflow exhaust backbox and tip (sounds lovely, not too loud). - Front & rear Lexus mats. - Gas strut fitted to auto-open boot from keyfob. - Alloy beesting aerial. - Twin airhorns. - Chrome rear indicator bulbs, Phillips Bluevision headlight/sidelight bulbs. - Alloy tax disc holder £8000 As you can see it's been lovingly tweaked and looked after and has absolutely no problems. A few minor stonechips up front (the most obvious unfortunately being on one of the headlight eyebrows) and the Chrome wheels are no longer perfect due to the english weather. Other than that its like new inside and out. I bought this car about a year ago with 10K on the clock. It was pretty much as it is now, I just changed the stereo and fitted the gas strut. Only selling becuase I have decided to go back to something sporty, so after a Mazda RX-8 or Nissan 350z, not quite decided yet. Genuine car, genuine mileage with all paperwork and all receipts/history. Any inspection or car data check welcome. I live in Basingstoke and viewings could be arranged daytime or evenings. Any questions please just ask, or PM me your number/email if you want to speak to discuss anything. Scammers, canvassers, timewasters, losers and weasels need not apply :)
  11. Sweet, thanks matey. Just seen they are about £550 a corner tho! ouch! I think I will keep looking...