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  1. The car was returned on Tuesday 13th December at 10am, the door had been replaced and the level of workmanship was quite acceptable, in line with what i had come to expect from Jemca London. The slightly later arrival of the vehicle was due to it requiring some final minor adjustments. I was kept very well informed of the progress of the repair and have no complaints about the way the repair was handled. Many thanks go to Mr Gary Bixley for his help in getting the matter bought to a most satisfactory conclusion and Mr John Clifford Workshop Manager at Jemca for his help in arranging collection, getting the vehicle through the workshop and back to me all in good time. G7UHF. Sorry for the late update guyz, sickness and medical problems here, recovering slowly. Enjoy crimble, if thats possible these days.
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    give me your e.mail and i'll send one, never found out how to send them on here.
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    These are the genuine TTE alloy illuminated scuff plates made for Lexus with the cool blue neon light unit in each plate with wiring harnesses and boxed in the original packaging all unused and unmarked, they differ from my other set in that instead of wires running to the cool neon lamp unit these have a flat ribbon, the latest version prior to been withdrawn from sale. I ended up with 2 sets of these plates, one set is in use on the car and the second set is up for grabs. They will be tested prior to been released. Interest in this item is "extensive" any offers for these highly sort after accessories. G7UHF.
  4. 1 unused set of illuminated scuff plates 1 Altezza short antenna (imported from USA £80) 1 rectangular cargo net 2 sets of blue reversing bulbs (group buy from club) unused PM's only please.
  5. The car's been delivered back on Monday am, the door and associated panels were been sprayed today. More news on monday if time permits.
  6. When i came to changing the bulbs in the front fogs i found the bulbs ceased in the sockets, the back of the lamps corroded due to the weather and lack of a rubber boot over the rear of the lamp, took the car to the dealer who changed the 2 lamp units having smashed both bulbs in the process of trying to remove them, warranty job otherwise about £80 each, i got access by pulling the liner away from the wheelarch at the front (gently wont do it) be in possesion of a good torch before you start.
  7. Hiii Parthiban, well i did'nt really need it, Mr Bixley had made all the arrangements and was in full command of the situation, i was more than happy with his decision and didnt want to be seen to be pushing for every last drop of blood, these guys know when someone's been greedy. I was more than happy to deliver and collect the car from London but as Mr Bixley said he didnt want me put to anymore hastle, they were more than happy to transport it both ways, im impressed and very greatfull, im sure the job will also be done to perfection.
  8. Today at 13:25 i had a phone call from Mr Gary Bixley about the situation with the drivers door, his decision and proposal is that Jemca body shop will have the car in to effect a repair to the vehicle as soon as possible, the repair will be in the form of a replacement door and other parts as required to complete the job and restore the vehicle to its original condition. Mr John Clifford would be in contact with me to arrange the collection of the vehicle from Coventry to London and to outline the series of event together with times and dates. 13:35 Mr John Clifford called me from Jemca to discuss the proposed course of events which are as follows. A lorry will be despatched to collect my car from Coventry on Monday 5th December, Mr Bixley has asked that the repair be turned around within 5 working days giving a proposed return date of friday 9th December although this may run over to Monday 12th December, Mr clifford will also give progress reports throughout the repair . I have declined the offer of a loan vehicle although one was offered by both Mr Gary Bixley and Mr John Clifford. Many thanks to Parthiban for the link to Mr John Clifford. More to follow.....
  9. Dont worry boyz, hav'nt forgot you, still waiting to hear something from Jemca, almost a week now.
  10. Just incase it has'nt been mentioned before. www.pipeline.org
  11. Just incase it has'nt been mentioned before www.pipeline.org
  12. Just incase it hasnt been mentioned before www.pipeline.org
  13. Just incase it has'nt been mentioned already www.pipeline.org
  14. Today Mr Gary Bixley arrived at 10am to inspect the car, he took some photographs of the inner and outer lower edge of the drivers door and also inspected the underside front edge of the bonnet where corrosion is breaking out again after having been repaired by Lexus Sutton Coldfield. Mr Bixley left at 11am and will be in touch at a later date having given the matter due consideration, he did state that the amount of corrosion on the door was less than he was expecting but went on to say it would therefore be a lot easier to effect a satisfactory repair to the door inline with Lexus approved repair methods. "Prot quarter panel" refered to earlier in this Document refers to the adhesive film on your rear wheel arches just forward of the wheels at the base of the door frame and not anti-corrosion preperation as previously belived.
  15. Yes im thinking i might let it go, got to get the drivers door replaced first, see the post "corroding drivers door" private plate not included.