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  1. pm me a offer mate. its not that load but it does sound nicer when you put your foot down. Cheers
  2. I have is200 keys with transponder for sale if anyone needs them Going to put them on ebay if no ones interested, Also have a greddy induction kit which i put on my car but have taken it off as im putting the car back to standard.
  3. nope not supercharged, the garage seem to think its my induction kit causing the problem :-s
  4. what does that mean lol
  5. sorry can some one move this topic for me :-s i accidently posted in wrong section
  6. need to know what this code is if anyone knows. thanks
  7. has anyone got a ball joint, nsf bottom ball joint. i need one of these asap as aparantly mines playing really bad. if anyone has one can i pick up either today merseyside area or leeds preferebaly merseyside as im not in leeds till monday. thanks
  8. Mine has come on as well - from yesterday along with the traction control light flashing now. However, the car shakes a bit when at a stand still. Any ideas? Mate yours could be a coil pack i had that problem last year. Dunno any garages mate i'm up and down leeds and wirral everyweek
  9. just wondering if anyone can help my engine management lights has just came on but the car seems fine. Anyone got any ideas? Oh the car is a is200 v plate
  10. ACEY


    any body got a blue bonnet?
  11. ACEY


    nope not me mate. How much you lookin at for yours
  12. ACEY


    Has anyone got a spare bonnet lying around preferably in blue? mine has gone rusty on the front and its been sprayed twice but the rust keeps popping back.
  13. dont think its the brakes ive had them checked and cchanged. where is the o2 senser located?
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