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  1. Cheers mate I might well look into them, price is about right, I'd like to pay less but think it's risky to go below £70 a tyre for something like the IS200. Nick - which Goodyears and what sort of price are they?
  2. It's a Conti - a SportContact2 I think, but it's part worn. I don't think they make those any more either lol, although the tread pattern is much more conventional than the Vredestein.
  3. I was thinking the same as you, trouble is the new Ultrac Sessanta's have what looks like a very different tread pattern. Grrr!!
  4. I've got a full set of Vredestein Ultrac tyres on my IS200. I've been very happy with them, they are grippy and are good in the wet (they are specially designed to be). When I got the car it originally had a mix of budget tyres and worn premium branded and it was lethal in the wet, the back end was all over the place. So I'm a bit wary of tyre choice. I know have a puncture that cannot be repaired and they don't make the Ultrac tyres any more. They have quite an unusual tread pattern (see picture). They cost about £90 each. Any advice what to do? Should I replace both rear tyres with something different or just replace the one that needs doing - does the matching of tread patterns really matter that much? Any recommendations what to buy?
  5. I have a temporary fix for the creaking sunroof. Slide back the blind, and put your palm on the glass and push upwards a bit. Gently - obviously not too hard! You will probably hear a few clicks, and for me it seems to stop. The other area that makes noise is the courtesy light but that will take a bit of faffing to sort out.
  6. Why does it have to be a 2005 model? The 04 and 05 models are the same on spec I'm sure. My 54 plate sport is available :)
  7. From the independent dated 1999, here's something interesting: I was surprised to read this, I thought the Sport drives pretty much the same apart from the slightly lower suspension. I didn't know the anti-roll bars were different. Who's driven both - and what differences did you notice? Here's the rest of the article if anyone wants to see it -
  8. I've thought a few times the car drives better with the traction control off but wondered if I was imagining it. I tend to be able to avoid the clutch judder most of the time by using a bit more power when pulling away. The thing that annoys me the most is the crunchy gearchange going into second, that ruins what would otherwise be a brilliant gearbox. I think it seems to get better with some motorway driving, as if the oil gets round the gearbox a bit more. Every time I've had the gearbox oil changed the second gear crunch goes away, but comes back after a couple of weeks. I reckon it's to do with the oil not getting round properly.
  9. I've had a key snap and it's very annoying. It happened to me at a motorway services on the way back from WIM. The only thing that saved me was the pliars in the boot, which I could use with the blade to start the car, but not exactly safe. My local key cutting place did a repair with glue, and it's holding very well, its stronger than standard.
  10. my IS had a broken anti roll bar drop link and it made the steering feel light, and the car felt wobbly on sharp corners. These and the ball joints are the components that seem to wear out most often. I'd start by checking those. Hope that helps
  11. On the original topic, I think it's unfortunate, a bit of messing around there, but I don't think it's that big a deal, I agree with Mat. As for that IS250 F-Sport, well that is stunning! I want one!
  12. Any ideas what are a set of late model IS200 alloys are worth - the 11 spokes - rims only. They are not mint, two have been refurbed.
  13. I prefer manual boxes but am getting sick of disappointing ones. I had a Hyundai Coupe V6 which had a nasty snatchy clutch, also my IS200 is hard to get a smooth change sometimes and it's very notchy going up into second, I've tried loads of different shifting techniques and two different gearbox oils. The trouble with the IS200 is the auto box really dents performance, otherwise I'd have been tempted. I think if I can afford an IS250 next I'll seriously look at the auto, the manual box is supposed to be even worse than the IS200, and the manual has shift paddles too. That sounds good. But I'd stick with a manual IS200 unless you really want an auto box.
  14. I think the new IS is a great looking car, but it looks like a completely different style of car to the old IS, so the old IS still looks good. The side profile of the old IS is great. The new IS looks great from all angles though. The interior styling is not quite my sort of thing but its very high quality in the ones I've looked at in the showrooms. The IS220d's seem to be very cheap used now, but I guess the reason is the problems people have with them. They don't sound very refined to me at all. I think i'd have to get an IS250 but I'd have to try the auto and see if it suits me because I've heard the manual gearbox is not very good.
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