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  1. Hi all, sorry for the delay in getting back, covid jab knocked me off my feet for a couple of days. I have removed the headlight and there was far more water in there than I realised, most of which would appear to have been sat in the ballast housing 😞 I cannot see any obvious areas where the water could have got in yet though. Anyway am replacing the ballast hopefully today if it arrives in time and I am also replacing the two hid bulbs. Just a note to be aware of for others looking to replace these bulbs. I purchased two Osram cool blue DS2 from amazon which according to the listing and the Amazon garage element were the correct ones for my vehicle, after fitting the lights would turn off after a few seconds. Turns out they are not the right ones, the correct ones on mine are DS4 so I know it causes delays but if changing yours I would suggest removing and checking the version from the old bulb before ordering a replacement. Not sure how easy it will be to replace the ballast in respect of routing the cable inside the headlight so any experienced help there would be appreciated. Thanks all who offered advice
  2. Hi all, looking to replace the ballast on our 2006/7 sc430, has anyone managed to do this without removing additional components on the headlight to route the ballast cap to the bulb? If other elements need removing can someone advise which element is best to remove to facilitate the routing of the lead without the risk of breaking anything or causing any alignment issues. Thanks in advance for any help
  3. Thanks Malc, I will have a look at it all tomorrow, just got back from my covid jab so that's my lot for today 🙂 from what I have seen, HID bulbs produce more heat than halogens so that may well do the trick, fingers crossed.
  4. Look forward to following your youtube videos do you have a link?
  5. Hi, thanks for that, I will check the caps before delving into removal and testing for leaks, unfortunately a new sc headlight seems to be around £600 so need to try all possible alternatives before going that route 🙂
  6. Hi all, our 2006 SC430 facelift model has moisture in the nearside headlight and just recently the headlight is failing intermittently, with an MOT due before putting it back on the road I need to resolve the issue. The obvious solution to the moisture would be to replace the nearside headlight unit but finding one in the UK isnt easy so it looks like I will need to remove it, source the leak, repair and replace, not ideal but seems the only solution so any advice on that would be welcome. If anyone has a n/side headlight unit for sale please let me know. The second issue is the intermittent failure of that units headlight, not sure if it is connected to the moisture issue, moisture is just moisture, there isnt any puddles of water in the headlight. Not sure if this is likely to be simply a bulb issue or a ballast issue so again any advice on likelihood of culprit would be appreciated. If I am going to have to remove bumpers etc I may as well replace the bulbs anyway but would welcome advice on what bulbs UK users have replaced theirs with as there seems to be a plethora of options and like others have said, I don't want to make a mistake and end up with having to replace them again in the near future. If I am having to replace the bulbs I would like to achieve an upgrade in performance if possible and would welcome feedback from those who have changed their bulbs, their experience and the bulbs used. I am not a mechanic and it has been many years since I got my hands dirty but resent the sort of charges a dealer would make just for changing headlight bulbs so again any/all advice is welcome. Thanks in advance for any help provided.
  7. Hi Herbie, thanks for that, found it under the glovebox tucked right up behind on near side. You need to be a midget contortionist t see it let alone access it.
  8. Hi John only handbook I have is for sat nav etc, doesn;t have fuse locations.
  9. Hi all, I have a UK 2007 rx350 and cannot find the interior fusebox to install a constant feed to a new dashcam. I have looked online and the advice seems to be that it is on the drivers side under the steering column but it's not there, I have a knee airbag assembly there. I have checked passenger side around glovebox area also. Surely a fusebox should be easily accessible!! Would be grateful if someone could advise where else this interior fusebox should/could be located. Thanks in advance
  10. Thanks both for the input, as issue occurred over the weekend have not been able to discuss with the garage. Will contact them today to check what was changed and with what.
  11. Hi Phil, unfortunately your post couldn't have been better timed as we had the car in Lexus yesterday as while the original problem with our roof started as a rare occurrence it has become far more regular the last couple of weeks, probably due to the extra use the good weather has brought. I found that when the issue occurred the roof would go up or down fully but not register completion in order to generate the beep prior to the Windows going back up. I calculated that the issue was something in the front near side of the boot mechanism as more often than not a small amount of downward pressure in this area of the boot lid while the switch was being pressed would be sufficient to complete the operation. Recently this hasn't been as effective although sometimes just turning off the engine and restarting it then pressing the roof switch to complete the cycle would work which made me think there was possibly an adjustment needed perhaps on a sensor/switch. As mentioned, I had it in Lexus Hull yesterday who advised that their diagnostic showed a sensor error however I suspect that this may have been due to the roof sequence currently being in a state of none completion. My personal view is that it is still an adjustment issue as they advised the sensor error code couldn't be reset yet my issue is intermittent which doesn't make much sense if the fault is due to a permanent failure of a component part. they advised a replacement sensor would be around £100 however the sensor concerned is apparent buried deep in the boot system and requires 6 hours labour to replace taking the bill up to £700 plus vat. Having got the car back they confirmed that it was an adjustment issue which they rectified for £185 and roof has worked fine since. If no error codes I would definitely advise getting them to check for adjustment issues. Hope this helps.
  12. Hi all, after recent service by indie garage during which the diff oil was changed the car seems a little sluggish and I have noticed occasions when the car is not being held when in drive or reverse on an incline. Could this just be coincidence or could incorrect or low diff oil cause these issues? car is 2006 with just under 46k miles. Thanks in advance for any info
  13. FREE to anyone who can make use of them. I have two Dunlop Sport 270 tyres from a RX350 size is 235/55 R18 99V both are road legal but have been running out slightly on the inside. Location is Nr Driffield East Yorkshire. PM me or reply in thread if you can use them. Collection only.
  14. Hi, I managed to get one from someone who was breaking one on ebay, cost £55. I thnk. I did try to contact Kyle mentioned in an earlier post but he was on holiday in Korea, it may be worth trying to contact him as he did have one but I had already got sorted by the time I heard back from him. Hope this helps.
  15. Regardless of what I may think of the tactics employed in purchasing the car from me, as the owner of the car for 10 years from 7,500 miles to its present mileage I have to say that I think £6k is a fair price for the car. I doubt that anyone purchasing the car at that price would have cause to complain as the car is what I consider to be immaculate inside and out. I have replaced it with a 2007 SC430 with 42k miles and a 2007 RX350 with 56k miles and despite being almost 10 years newer and similar or less miles neither of them come close to the condition of the LS400 when I sold it back in August. I have nothing to gain by saying so, and under the circumstances I am not looking to do the guy who bought it from me any favours but that car needs to be owned by someone who can appreciate it and would be well worth a look by anyone who is looking for an exceptional LS400.
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