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  1. Given time they will all catch up, i mean they've only just got gas/electricity in the west :D
  2. Didn't quite go to plan tonight did it Finally i'll have amo when i go up to Bootle/Southport tomorrow. :D
  3. Thats easy, when you press lock just say beep....beep
  4. I've been tryting to get on the auto trader site all day from a different comp (at work) its been jammed all day.
  5. Creaking noise is probably down to the ARB so as your lowering it fit some stiffened ones.
  6. You might find this useful. Although its for the drive belts/water pump you can see its not hard to time it up. :D
  7. I will have them if you can wait for a couple of weeks as im up that way on the 4/June.
  8. @ Adie: I get enough stick in Liverpool once a fortnight from customers in Bootle and Southport ......but not this week :D
  9. Its on BBC1 NOW if you want to see us beat you again :D
  10. You missed the word....domestic. :D Im in Liverpool this week and i will wear my new shirt proudly......its an A.C Milan shirt. Of course we haven't got the experiance in europe comp's but we're getting there and we all live in hope and with your new found wealth we'll see what happens, should be intresting for the coming seasons but for the last 3 seasons since the "special one" came aboard you've not been close on the premiership, this season both Liverpool/ Arsenal were a mile behind..15 points !!! and we had a bad xmas period (not an excuse) money doesn't/cant buy you success.
  11. Oh dear sour grapes or what......what have you won domesticaly this season A win is a win and we won the F.A Cup thats 6 trophies in 3 seasons.
  12. Yep but we won and thats the main thing. :D
  13. Your rubbish....Blues all the way Well that put an end to your double...Chelsea
  14. I can but not for a few weeks.
  15. That is a very clean example and i am seriously considering it, tell me are the two tone ones UK registered or imported?....this is the only thing against it (dont like 2 tone) What (if any) service history is there i know its not going to have a full dealer S/H but up to what mileage was the book stamped up to and when was the c/belt changed?
  16. Take it you still bitttttter then :o No...we've spent 500 million for a league cup (possible FA cup)......bargain dont you think!!
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