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  1. Thank God for that! I was thinking there were some folk actually putting their dog in that boot!
  2. How does that work in putting a dog in the boot on a GS when it is a saloon and it would be shut in the dark?
  3. IS250 F-Sport Build Thread

    I have G5 on the front of mine - does the job, great on the sides, but still not "beady" or sheeting amazingly well. No better than Rain X or whatever I find on the front.
  4. SC430 project

    Looking good :)
  5. Rust treatment/protection

    Hi all, Anyone spent some time under their car/in the arches etc rust treating / rust proofing. I have all the Bilt Hamber stuff as recommended by them and tackling it one arch at a time :) Brian.
  6. One of the reasons I bought my GS450h last year, which I was weighing up against a Golf R32 and a Honda Civic Type-R as my short list of 3, is the combination of excellent performance, surprisingly good economy, reliability and brilliant for soaking up many miles. It cannot cope with the twists the same way a well set-up Type R can, or make the same noise the R32 makes but it's a brilliant combination of most things. Another VERY important aspect for me was an excellent local dealer something most VW dealers can never be accused of, and the fact that my car, which is 11 this year, is still under warranty until August next year!! Brilliant work Lexus.
  7. Sounds like a superb result. I have never quite managed to get mine to full green bars - always one down.
  8. Both of my fronts are apparently leaking slightly - noted at last service and MOT - so hoping when it's in for service in a few weeks the warranty will pick it up (I'll make sure to mention it and note that the suspension seems a bit trashy in the front!).
  9. Best polish?

    Absolutely. Washing a car with a sponge and drying with a shammy is a disaster for car paint!
  10. Best polish?

    Chemical Guys Black Light or Poor Boys Black Hole are both excellent sealant/glazes to mask minor marring and scratches.
  11. Lexus 60,000/120,000 mile service - GS450h

    Thanks John.
  12. Lexus 60,000/120,000 mile service - GS450h

    Thanks Gents. Hopefully the extra expense will be worth it - I am working hard on getting the car back to as close to new quality as possible. Another £57 of parts at the weekend for a couple of specific clips, a new cup holder insert and touch up kit.
  13. Wheel Spacers - IS300h

    Welcome to the Lexus Owners Club RajithJay. No idea on the spacers and I know some people on here don't know what/where/why you might use them but, as you'll know in the correct car, they look great and will make little difference to the car mechanically. Many people in the US use them so may be worth ploughing through Club Lexus forums as many will have done it there it's a very common modification on performance cars - often the wheel being further inside the arch is purely for economy, safety, or other reasons - not necessarily mechanical. Same with wheel offset. Your best bet might also to be to speak to a good quality performance car wheel specialist and get their advice too. Post up the results when you know. Brian.
  14. These are great figures :) My peak has been 40.4mpg on a tracking app. and average over the entire year + I have owned the car is 35 mpg of all sorts of mixed driving, 17,000 miles. The car economy is actually improving over the time, I assume as the car is being driven more sensitively as I maximise the use of the hybrid system.