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  1. hi ormi - can you please pm me too with the instructions - I have searched the forums and I have been unable to find a pic indicating which nuts/bolts need to be undone to tighten the power steering belt - I can only see the one nut which is on a slider to move the power steering vane pump away from the engine ... The reason I want to tighten is that the pump pulley continues to spin but the belt stops/starts/stops/starts when I turn the steering wheel when cold - I tested with the bonnet up at initial start-up on a cold day - this all goes away when warmed up - I also read on here that if you can turn the belt through an angle of greater than 90 degrees, which I can, then the belt is too loose ... Thanks Ormi for your time or anyone else that is kind enough to reply :)
  2. Thanks very much SHAHZ for the pictorial step-by-step guide to the bulb replacement - it is very much appreciated :)
  3. yep - you can download 1 rar file for the is200 Lexus workshop manual at - I didnt bother joining as after 45 seconds, non-members also get access :) when downloaded double click the rar file and extract to a folder - this will have all the pdf's in one place ... use adobe menu of edit -> advanced search and click 'All PDF Documents in' and navigate to the folder in to which you expanded the rar file too ... works a treat for me - eg, advanced search on folder for string 'door trim' (without quotes) and it came up with all the pdf's that contained the string of door trim :)
  4. I dont know - i had the tomtom before the car so never was interested in installing one - rearly need to use one ... its a great source of information on here though so there will be definately something here about installing a satnav ...
  5. have a look at and see what you think - the first part should sort you out ... read on though as the iPod player was one of the best things i did :) use it all the time ...
  6. Hi Folk's, I too got the err3 issue about 4 years ago on my is200 sport and the lexus dealership replacement quote was as above - around the £1700 mark ... so did a search on here and came across the GROM installation posting with the instructional pdf/doc? (not sure which) total cost was about $75 for the GROM unit and about 2 hours installation because the manual on here was absolutely excellent - if i could follow it, then anybody could :) now, even if my cd changer did work, I would'nt bother using it as I just leave the iPod in the car all the time now ... playlists are seen as a CD so will continue to play the entire playlist without needing input ... the only thing I would suggest to look out for though is if the iPod you have or intend to use with GROM installation is charged by the GROM unit - I have 2 iPods and only one is charged so I leave that one in the car all the time now ... hope this helps :)
  7. Hi Folk's, I am in need of a set of tyres too ... after some research, found the following which seems to be pretty comprehensive testing of the major tyre suppliers ... would anyone have any concerns or disagreements with their findings - I thought that it should be pretty reputable testing seeing its done by auto express Regards Tim
  8. Hi Folk's, seem's that I am not the only person that has had the Lexus 3 button keyfob break - I am currently using the 2 button backup keyfob but I have just found on e-bay a seller that sells the 3 button keyfob with a blank blade for 4.80 GBP and 0.60 GBP P&P ... just after getting 2 in case, as per a previous member states, that the blank key cutter makes a b@!!s of the cutting :D the link is as follows for those interested ...
  9. Hi Folk's firstly, thanks for the responses which I do really appreciate ... but, rather than buying someone else's issue or a potential issue down the road I decided to go the iPod and OEM connector route with the cd changer ... found a mighty solution on this site which allows you to connect your iPod to the stereo and be able to manage the functions of the iPod from the stereo head ... so if you are interested do a search on 'gromaudio' ... there is a detailed viable and much cheaper solution to the 'error1' and 'error3' which these standard stereo's seem to exhibit ... Just as an FYI - my is200 (Sport - fab motor :D ) is 51 plate and on the off-chance I rang Lexus Woodford about the possibility of getting my 13906 change out ... no way under warranty as its 6+ years old but when I asked about price of replacement and fitting, Francis the customer service lady stated that it would be about , wait for it, £2000 to replace :tsktsk: ... I looked on e-bay and there is a bidding war going on so that’s why I went for the iPod solution ... I didn’t want to pay for something that has a strong possibility historically of issues arising in the future ... a simple alternative solution which is well documented on this site ... just awaiting on the interface now from gromaudio - cant wait to get it hooked up and play the contents of the iPod, I'll be wasting petrol just to listen to the playlists ...
  10. Hi Folk's, I am not new to the site but this will be my first posting ... I have a 2001 Raven Black IS200 Sport coming up for 2 years now and still get a thrill out of driving it :D ... But I have a query - I have noticed that I have not been the only one, looking through this site but here goes ... I am getting an error1 on the cd unit and did the suggestion of a posting on this site to disconnect the battery, leave it, and then reconnect to no avail ... also tried a cleaning disk but it could not be read as the error1 issue appeared ... neither manufactured nor copied CD work ... My unit is 13906 so I was just wondering if it can be replaced by a 13903 as I have accesses to one of these units but don't want to part with the hard earned cash unless I can confirm that it is compatible with respect to the connectors on the back of the unit ... Any suggestions would be helpful and especially if it is compatible, how do I go about change it out? Regards and look forward to a response ... Tim SE9
  11. I now understand how your's was taken, its a simple task to pop out and replace ... but, it was only easy because of your information ... you were spot as well about the heated replacment - £71.80, vat inclusive, from Lexus Bromley ...
  12. thanks a million for that ... I will get it from the dealership close to me and attempt the installation ... now that should be fun
  13. Hi Chris, do you do the LHS wing mirror glass/mirror as a seperate part number ? dreaded rush hour motorbike courier cracked the mirror part of the wing mirror assembly ... the motor still moves the cracked mirror glass though ...
  14. Hi folk's, I am a new member as I have bought an IS200 Sport about 4 months ago now ... really nice motor ... but, as luck would have it, I have already had my wing mirror on the LHS mirror broken by a m/bike courier today coming too close to me ... didn’t get the registration though ... I have google'ed for a replacement mirror glass and for the first time, have not had any hits on replacing the mirror glass only ... has anyone gotten the mirror glass and replaced it before, if yes, where and how did you do it ? any help greatly appreciated ... ;)