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  1. Yes, this happens once you use the hook button on the steering wheel to make a call. The only way I have figured out how to fix it, is to delete the phone from the car and reconnect it. Perhaps it will be addressed in an update.
  2. Yeah got mine eventually. Significantly slimmer than manuals with previous cars
  3. The camera can be switched to different modes. The fisheye view is default but selecting the one is the exact same as the IS. For me the con is the position of the drive mode controls.
  4. No, its not an option in Ireland. Plus the spec is very high anyway
  5. Just wondering, did anyone that got a new ES get a full set of user manuals? Do they come in the leather binder? I never got any manuals when I took delivery, initially I was told that they don't do them anymore and then told there was a some print issue, anyone else experience this?
  6. I picked up my fsport a week ago, came from an is300h fsport and have to say very happy with the es
  7. when in reverse, adjust the mirrors to the angle you want, leave one of them selected. put it in drive, the mirrors should move back to their original position. keep a mirror selected and put in reverse and the mirrors will dip. if you don't want them to dip just make sure no mirror is selected.
  8. just took delivery of my new f sport. Absolutely love the car. One thing I noticed was that it came with big plastic protection stickers on the rear doors, not on the edge actually on the lower part of the doors. Not sure if they are clear or colour matched but in certain light they stand out. Just wondering if these are standard and if they can be safely removed..... or should I even?