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  1. Agree wholeheartedly with your comments except the one about traction control and clever bits - I'm not too sure when TC was standard on an LS but mine certainly hasnt got it. I've never had a car with it and I'm not too sure whether I'd like the 'car taking over' - I've been driving too long! The only bit of clever stuff I've got is ABS! Dave mines a 91 celsior and has the traction control and its a lot safer in the conditions we have at the moment with it on not turned off,dont mind sideways but not when there's a bus coming the other way. hehehehehe :shutit:
  2. in my cam-belt book the LS (mines a 91) is classed as an interferance engine,meaning an expensive repair job,belts arn't that much really for the peace of mind it brings,it took me and a mate 10hrs and a couple of quid for the swear box (it isn't the easiest job on the car )due to the skinned knuckles but the satisfaction when we put it all back together with no pieces left was worth the time and pain,oh and saved a few quid in the process
  3. welcome !! the pictures of the car look excellant,love the colour mate,thats my half penneth,dont bother with the phone on when I,m driving,it disturbes the silence.if its important they will ring back,bet someone will be along to help though. Ian
  4. cant think of another 16 year old car that would be so trouble free,ok ,when it goes ,the repair bill can be huge,but bit of time with a spanner and the internet and of course, you lot,and it doesnt make it an expensive car to own,untill you start looking at new wheels every year that is no point having a small car,the rise in petrol costs have put up the price of small engine motors so much you can buy an ls(celsior) and the savings will run the fuel costs for years,plus the quality and luxury leave you with a smile on your face every time you drive it oops,letting my gob run off again. whats the motto.. ? " in pursuit of perfection " well I think weve all found it. cheers
  5. had the dreaded mot today, another trouble free year !!!!!! sais he was gonna fail it cos the cans of coke in the rear arm rest were out of date and it was all he could find. just an advisory on the n/side rear tyre which i knew about anyway,needs two im gonna spend tonight outside watching for falling rockets its like baghdad at the moment
  6. got to go with steve on this one ! toyota is the celsior,lexus the LS. its cheaper to insure the LS and all it takes is a few badges and a replacement V5. has your motor got the extra goodies that come on the celsior,compared to the same age LS ? mines a 91 celsior with all the extras,air suspension etc
  7. thanks for the link and info ! an excellant description of whats involved, I'll save this for when ( if ) i need it.
  8. was it something to do with the lottery,thought i saw it somewhere
  9. seems to be an utter bargain at that price ! funny,i didnt spot it myself,i search lexus on e-bay most nights.
  10. quick replies again,thanks for the input,will try it this aft during its weekly wash, cheers. Ian
  11. Right then,1991 celsior,open bonnet and at bumper level in the space back to the radiator,is a bottle with the washer symbol on , it does have a pump and pipes from it,the main filler is up on the inner wing,I dont have headlamp washers,or it seems,a button to operate said pump,and ive never had to top it up,thought maybe it was a back-up tank for the main one,but run it dry today and nothing happened concerning the tank in question, any ideas peeps. Ian.
  12. how much for the tyres then ??? MOT's due and may need two. cheers ian
  13. nice looking motor mate !!! but I find it hard to believe the keys bother you ! dont you have the magnetic column that the keys stick to ( just push the keys towards the column) mines a 1991 , admitted,its a celsior but i assumed it was a general feature ? seems daft to remove things that work ! enjoy the car. Ian
  14. Buy it now for 6k,hells teeth,mines a 91 and I know which id prefer,dont see many modified cars that you can sell for the cost of the bits you've put on and wouldnt the wheels look better if they didnt look like they'd spent three years down a salt mine !!!!!!! hhhhhuwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!
  15. you must be on 1st name terms with your local forecourt attendant mate ??
  16. great idea and good work mate !! just wait and see what they find on my test next month ???? could be using some of these maybe
  17. Sell mate ! use the cash to buy one over there,then likewise when you come back,oh,and enjoy the stay !!
  18. well sorry to disapoint,but your no where near,it went for £29 plus postage !!! £39 for an empty washing machine box full of polystyrene,and he even left good feedback ,so clear out the household goods and get it on,they ( or is that us ?? )will buy owt. Now who wants to bid on a bottle of fresh air that comes from the centre of pontefract racecourse,collected fresh on the day of postage. hehehehehehehe Ian
  19. I put for sale one night after a few beers,the following item as a laugh,and will do it again for you to watch if you want. For Sale 1 large sealed cardboard box approx five ft tall by 2'5 x 2'5. contains nothing at all but polystyrene fillings,Ive already removed the goods. buy with confidence,cant be broken cos there's nothing in,dont need to return if not wanted just chuck it off to the neighbours when this comes by now with confidence. I included a picture and ran it for 6 days,quoted no starting price but £10 for postage due to size, come on have your guess ?????
  20. Well I have to agree with pete,Ive seen one and its really tacky,cant imagine the wheel being in such a state that this makes it look better, whats up with your wheel then ? I think locating another would be an easy job or if woods the way to go,then lay out for a new one. Ian.
  21. hi, try looking on the USA site,link below,they tend to be into the body kits Some do look good,but there's a lotof cr^p about,each to their own and all that
  22. I may be barking up the wrong tree here,but it seems to be the same symptoms that happen with the seat backs,the main drive is on the drivers side with a bar crossing under the seat to drive the inner side,this strips its splines and you get the same, back moves on one side only,could be the same idea for the fore and aft movement,but doubt if you can get to it with out removal. I just used the instant metal on the end and its fine,but i dont move the back while having my rather podgy body on it !!!! its been fine for months now. cheers and good luck. sure someone will have removed a seat and be able to point you in the right direction. Ian
  23. Is yours in the boot ?? mines a 91 and fitted in the boot,I had a problem with it at first and it turned out to be damp,caused by a dodgy boot seal,couldnt source one at the time so took it off,cleaned it up and applied some good old silicon sealer inside before fitting it back,removed all the boot trim and dried it out and no problem since,thats 18 months ago and cheaper than buying/repairing one with the stealer !! and removing the cover as previously suggested to clean the lense will improve matters. good luck and keep us posted. Ian
  24. I had the problem on my celsior,just took it off and used instant metal in a tube,works fine 6 months later ( or it did till I wrote this )just dont lean on it while moving it !!
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