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  1. In one of the clearest signs yet of the renaissance that's finally putting a close to The Dark Age of Personal Computing, Apple Inc. (AAPL) has overtaken Microsoft (MSFT) to become the second-most-valuable U.S. company. Microsoft spent most of the trading day fending off Apple relentless assault — sometimes by excruciatingly small amounts — but, at approximately 2:15pm EDT, shares of Apple rose $4.35, or 1.78%, to $249.57, putting Apple's market value at $227.10 billion and finally overtaking Microsoft's which declined $0.20, or 0.77%, to 25.87, putting their market cap at $226.72 billion. What I can't figure out is why he (Steve Jobs) is even trying (to be the CEO of Apple)? He knows he can't win. - Bill Gates, June 1998 Expect the companies to trade positions back and forth in the near term, but Apple should put the derivative Microsoft in their rearview mirror soon enough. As per NYSE, the top five U.S. publicly-traded companies, based on full market values, are: 1. Exxon Mobil (XOM) - $283.06B 2. Apple (AAPL) - $227.10B 3. Microsoft (MSFT) - $226.72B 4. Wal-Mart (WMT) - $189.57B 5. Berkshire hathaway (BRKA) - $175.76B Everything I said has come to pass. I think the words I am looking for are " I told you so..." Apple Macs are outselling the PC market by a massive margin. The iPhone has revolutionised the mobile phone markets The iPad and its successors will dominate mobile computing space for the next 10 years. Deal with it. Oh yes - I will be buying a 1 year old LS460 later this year purely from profits from AAPL. All those who took my advice congratulations!!! Oh wait... *gone*
  2. LOL my goodness, I never thought one of Fargo's posts would make me smile! That was actually quite funny! Anyway you will have already seen the other thread now to satisfy your iPhone lust. Enjoy!
  3. ivermectin EDIT: Scrub that, I can't count vet EDIT2: Yes ATEEK it IS! Have a closer look at YOUR post.....!
  4. *leaps on bandwagon* OK, I have seen Wozza polishing his little halo enough. I have never met the guy and I know nothing about him personally. I can see he has respect from some members here and I hear he is very helpful with audio etc.. BUT, from my experience with him as a mod on this forum I have experienced many examples of him manipulating threads, distorting truth, jumping in with argumentative provocative posts and encouraging forum gang warfare on certain threads beginning with i! Sorry, but that's just the way it is. He was absolutely central to this behavior which is about as far removed from the behavior of a mod as can be. I am well aware of how a capable mod should behave and when his behaviour was well below par I certainly complained. It seems I was not alone in my thoughts. I am sure he is a useful member to have around, but the guy does not possess what it takes to be a mod. Get over it and stop letting your personal relationships cloud the facts. Personally I am glad to see the back of him as a mod, but welcome "discussion" with him in the future as a normal member. *leaps off* DJ Wozza: I hope your family member recovers soon.
  5. OT....Well blow me down... its as if youve got a web bot out there scanning for your mention.....glad your back, was wondering what your thoughts were on the iphone update adding MMS... Well blow me down, it's as if you are blind and didn't see the topics I posted last week. As for the iPhone I will post about that soon enough. This is not the sort of thread u post OT, ok?! Not big, not clever.
  6. *passes high pressure water hose to the mods* Ummmmm, hello? This is an internet forum, not the United Nations... *rolls eyes*
  7. By far the best thing on TV (iTunes ;) ) The second half of the double episode was probably the most intense and exciting piece of TV I have EVER seen. I literally collapsed in a heap at the end and stopped holding my breath. Absolutley brilliant. Kiefer should get locked up for drink driving every other year as a matter of course - seems to have given him time to knock up killer storylines!
  8. swfcdan: If you are downloading an app that doesn't auto mount and open (a virtual drive appears on your desktop and usually a window opens with a big icon and instructions telling you to drag it to the Applications folder) then yes it is best practice to drag it to your Apps folder and run it from there. You can drag it WTF you like in fact but it would make sense to put apps in the Apps folder... You CAN run it from the downloads stack. This stack is simply a reflection of the Downloads folder in your Home folder. It would tidy things up to keep apps in the Apps folder. You can always drag it from the Apps folder into the Dock and create a shortcut to the app. This does not MOVE the app. It sounds to me like you are a prime candidate for creating an iChat account and PMing me the account name. I think you are not quite aware of what you have sitting there... Parthiban: Yes that's how it works. You can sort and group any way you like. But if it IS part of a compilation it makes sense to flag it as such right? Anees: haha yes. In the past I employed some of the best Mac consultants in Europe to take good money off companies like that for doing just such migrations! You want to know how to do it for FREE!? ;) You ask a big question and I am afraid I cannot possibly answer in full 1) Because I am not a AD migration expert and 2) I just don't have the time. I know people who CAN answer your question but they charge £120 an hour! Many of them just put in an Xserve and migrated all their PC's to that! MUCH easier and cheaper! All I can say is that they do have a point, but at the same time they may be saying that because it is quite hard work and they may not be capable of doing it. 10.1 and 10.2 - Any machines on this OS should have the OS upgraded. You'd have to check to see the min specs but most Macs worth keeping alive can almost definitely run 10.3 and most 10.4. I am surprised the contractor didn't offer this service to extort more cash. Shame on them! Any machine that can't run at least 10.3 is really obsolete and not worth bothering with. I would say that once upgraded then any remaining machines are worth migrating. 10.3 - Yes I'd agree this is a hassle and you get limited functionality. Is it worth it? 10.3 is old and limited by today's standards. Any machine currently running 10.3 fine should be able to be upgraded to 10.4 at least. Is it possible? Yes. 10.4 - They should be able to migrate 10.4 machines without much trouble. Sounds like they are jessying out. It isn't as easy as 10.5 but no biggie really. Upgrade any machines possible to 10.5... 10.5 - Easy. Some links that may be useful... Sorry I don't have the time to answer more fully, but to do so is some serious work.
  9. Parthiban: redz is right. When you have an iTunes account you can DL and embed any album art that is available via the iTunes store. There are 3rd part freeware apps to gather album art also to fill in the gaps. I have no idea how Winamp etc uses album art. It seems they are NOT embedded in the ID tags else they would display I imagine. You could try getting a free iTunes account and see what happens. By NOT using iTunes you are missing out on an end to end content delivery system second to none. As for the albums being split up I am not sure I know what you mean. Can you explain in more detail? Tigerfish: If you read the other thread carefully you will see Macs had been mentioned well before my post. You also quoted my comment about missing me and nothing else so your posting therefore made NO sense and didn't convey what you were trying to. I would like to believe you were asking a serious question, but we both know you thought you were posting something that 1) I wouldn't understand and 2) Mac OS X wasn't capable of. You are wrong on both counts. Let's leave it there.
  10. This thread is for Mac users needing help, not for people with nothing better to do trying to be clever. Don't for one moment think I cannot answer your question. But your cover has been blown by comments in other threads. Try not to spoil the thread for those genuinely needing help. NEXT!
  11. Gord: Who said Apple don't give value for money? lol 2 for 1 !?? Good deal. Do your bit for humanity and save poor old Rabster here!? :) PS If you get yourself an iChat account, PM me your username and I'll show you what that baby can do...
  12. This thread is for Mac users that need a helping hand. There are many new Windows to Mac OS X switchers around here - This thread is for you! Let's kick off with some links that should be the first place you look.... Still stuck? Want to know how to do something you have always done in Windows and not sure where to look? Want to get the most out of Mac OS X? Shoot ---->
  13. Parthiban: iTunes is wonderful when you take time to learn it. Every frustration you have has a way to sort out. Patience! Gord: lol you lot are having me on right!??
  14. OK back from my hols. Missed me? redz_uk: About time. When you have figured out an iChat account, PM me and then I'll show you what it can REALLY do. :) swfcdan: why on Earth were you surprised? I think I may have mentioned in the past - It is NOTHING to do with specs - it's all about the OS. Just like phones... Rabster: Deadly serious. Take swfcdans "joke" advice and your performance concerns and software limitations will vanish. If you tried one you WOULD be a Mac lover. Don't be fooled by the specs sheet. Install Windows on it and it may as well be a brick. All the urban myths you "know" about Macs will disintegrate with every hour of use. Ask redz_uk. PS Good luck with the Conficker virus tomorrow Windows users! :)
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