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  1. If your def interested and are willing to come up and collect the charger and deliver i done when i bought it i will remove it! But i would like £2200, cheers
  2. since xmas....ha!! Mine aint been on the road since August, and before that i think it was May!!! As long as you let them warm up correctly and dont thrash it, it will be fine!!
  3. Ive got the Tein Mono flex on my car, i have no upper mounts (lookin into purchasing them) and have been on the car for approx 1000miles?! I have had no issues with Knocking, whereas my Mk2 Golf had Koni's and had to get them sent away after a few thousand miles to be re-conditioned!
  4. yeah i think i payed 220quid for them....ooh well....they still look good in the day time haha!
  5. mine aint worked for a good year or so now, ive just give up with them, repaired each side once but cant be a&%ed to find the problem this tiem, true they look good when illuminated! The problems i had was the wiring and the scoth locks that came with them, so i soldered them in, still some other problem on them now!
  6. Well car was in from 11.30 till 12.30 today and guess sailed through its MOT with no problems whatsoever!! I did have a lil issue with the emmisions but a lil Mr2 parked next to me so sorted that out :P So after 7 or 8 months sat in the garage, now the charger fitted everythings still sweet!! Not bad for a 2000year car with 95000 on the clock!!! Chris
  7. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo finally got her on the road yesterday and im loving it....the noise the feel and ooohhhhh its just class lol.....i have however found a slight problem, my clutch is slipping, well it feels like it is, the car accelorates and then it begins to speed up lol. but as the cars only gonna be on the road till the 12th im not to fussed bout that im just enjoyin the noise it makes!! I really cant belive ive waited this long to be able to play in it again :) i couldnt tell you if its loosin bost or anythin just yet but i will find out wat it does on the rollin road after a clutch replacement Bye for now from one happy chap Chris :) :) :)
  8. Ah its ok bout the silicone one, and for the fact its got the filter....i got the metal one and a filter for a cheaper price than that ones up on the market for :)
  9. sorry...closes...cheers rob, i'll have have a look n feel when ive got some tax on it!
  10. Well.............the charger is completely fitted now, sorry i didnt get in touch Gord about the relocation kit, but with Asi sellin the induction kit i went for that instead.... i did however have to buy the filter but managed to find one which fitted perfect. So now im waiting on my insurance docs to come thro so i can get some tax on her then i can take it out for a spin, also needs a bit of a service and my MOT is due on the 10th, cant believe its been in the garage for over 6months now and only moved round the block twice lol. Anyway i wll post some pics a bit later, but ppl will be upset with the colour and state of it undder the bonnet, it needs some tlc lol, but i aint had time to do anythin like that!! One quick question, at what RPM does the valve open on the charger?? I just wanna know if its set up correct...cheers guys n gals!! Chris
  11. it was me mate, Gord give me the number and i got it from or, the belt number is pk5 800 total cost bout 8quid Hope this helps??
  12. Hello there stranger, thought i aint seen you for a while!!! Hope your well anyway mate? Im still not in my house yet, but if u ever drive past you should see some improvements lol!! As for the car....still off the road :(
  13. There is a full loom on ebay right now if your up for a full re-wire?? I know its over 200quid but its just an option??
  14. F&%* me mate that looks bad, i thought you managed to get it put out just after it ignited!! It does look quite bad Chris but im sure with your head in the right direction it'll be looking as good if not better than it was before.....with this damage could there be vision of a engine transplant ;) all the best mate!!!! Chris
  15. OMG Chris ive just read through the post, cant believe whats happened, im gutted for you!! I really dont know what else to say mate, i know im a few miles away but if ur needing anythin give me a shout! Chris
  16. Where bouts can i get one of these HKS FCD's?? And ive seen them on ebay but are they specific for each car make? Also do you need the HKS ECU too?? Or should i just stick witht the Black box from TTE?? Cheers Chris
  17. Happy Birthday Chris, hope its goin well so far!!!!
  18. She was gonna send it via post but as my dad has a few days off work theyve come down for a long weekend, all sorted now tho thankfully!! I'll keep the tennis ball in mind if i ever do it again lol, which im hoping i wont!! Sill cars not ment to lock itself after opening the drivers door!!
  19. I know ive had to tidy the house for her coming down lol!! As for being closer, you are closer than her as shes coming down from Aberdeen lol!! No couldnt hook n bring out the top, i could hardly fit the bloody coat hanger throught the gap!! Cheers anyway
  20. its in the floor on the drivers side, thats a good idea like but the key is the wrong way round lol!!
  21. Im giving up on it, my mothers bringing the spare key for it from Aberdeen 2moro night, looks like im just gonna have to be carless for the next day n a bit :( boooo cheers tho
  22. Welding rod would be spot on but i dont have any, and bamboo its a bit tight to get it in, as for hooking the handle, i know what you mean, but the passat doesnt pop the doors off that.....grr im losin it ive started messin with the black box on my ecu for the charger lol!!
  23. Ive been a right idiot n managed to lock my only set of keys in the car......however it aint the ~Lexus, its my VW Passat, i do however have the bonnet open and the door is on the first latch.....anyone know of anyway of gettin in?? Ive tried with the coat hanger to push the door open button on the arm rest but cant get enough force behind it as the coat hanger just bends please help :(
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