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  1. ..Thanks again for your comments guys, I still look at it when walking back to it in a car park and think its a :tsktsk: handsome motor! I have to agree about the TTE centre caps, I do prefer the originals but at the time the budget was running low and Florian at Toyota Motorsport GmbH wanted about £180 for them, I got the TTE ones for about £70 but think i'll go for the Lexus ones when I have some spare notes. Also want to get the side repeaters which I can get from anywhere but just not got round to it. Also looked at the HID headlamps which I know have been discussed in a few forums so they're another thing on the list. I suppose the only other thing that has been floating around in my head is getting some more power out of it and this is where my knowledge ends. Has anyone had any expierience in Turboing or Supercharging one of these, I know its a supra engine so should be pretty straight forward (for the professionals), is it worth looking at a complete engine swap or just working on whats in it (mileage is about 72k). Anyone recommend someone to talk to? oh, and as far as tyres go that someone mentioned, the Dunlop SP9000 seem pretty damn good.. nice tread, hardly seen any wear in them and the grip is pretty tremendous in the wet and dry and I certainly dont hang around :winky:
  2. Cheers Wozza!! Thank you Photobucket!! :heart: (Wozza, might as well delete the other posts of pics)
  3. Cheers, Ive had this problem before.. they're all showing fine on my screen though... frustrating! :megaangry: AAARrrGGHHHH.... now theyre not showing at all!! its driving me :tsktsk: mad!!!! one minute theyre there.. then theyre gone!!
  4. Well It's been quite a while since I've been on here and it was back in February that I started this post about getting my car back to its former glory. I did get the major work done a while ago but this is the first time I've been sober/not hungover and given my car a clean and taken some pictures. Anyway, I got the wheels refurbed, got them new shoes and replaced the rear bumper with a brand new one, its had a full service etc etc etc.. Still a few minor bits need doing including a good valet inside but thought I would post some pictures anyway (next post). Hope you like :)
  5. Cheers people.. Think i'll go for Mudzs suggestion or possibly look to get it refurbed. I'll avoid the Radseal!... On another note.. Im after a drivers side front fog light if there is one kicking around.. I know a guy who was selling a pair on ebay so have emailed him with an offer... Once i've got it all the finishing touches done I'll post some pics.. Cheers.
  6. It appears my radiator has sprung a small leak but would like to get it sorted before is completely goes.. just spoke to Lexus Woodford and a replacement one is £382+VAT, but they offer £100 back on the old one. Have found a couple of aftermarket ones on ebay for £120... has anyone experience of these? Are they just cheap knock offs that will do more harm than good? Any suggestions are welcome. Cheers
  7. .....Everything was going so well it was only a matter of time before things went :tsktsk: up! Ordered second hand bumper and tail light from Star Cars and Parts in Peterborough on Tuesday, £145 for parts and delivery. The delivery was supposed to be next day as they were going to the body shop that was doing the work.. They delivered the Light yesterday but no sign of the bumper, so chased them and Parcel Force up and neither could really give me an answer as to where the bumper was. Anyway its turned up this afternoon and the bodyshop guy has phoned to tell me the bumper is in a right mess, paint flaking off.. cracks, scratches and would take him a day just to prepare for paint. The bumper was sold as just having a couple of light scuff marks on each corner as you would expect.. I've phoned Star Cars and Parts and basically told them they can have the bumper back and I want my money back. Trouble is now I need to find another bumper that is in good condition that can be worked on and I had enough trouble finding that one! Been all over ebay and various breakers. A LOC member gave me contact details of a guy breaking a GS300 Sport who I spoke to a while ago and was going to send the parts to me last week but I never heard from him again and havent been able to get hold of him since which is why I ended up going to Star Cars and Parts. My car is now at the body shop and the guy has done all he can without the bumper and obviously doesnt want it sitting there.. I plead to anyone that knows of where I can get hold of a rear bumper that is gonna be in good condition?!!!?!?!??! Help!!! _____________________________________________________ Just been quoted by Lexus Woodford for a new bumper - £220 inc VAT...
  8. I have no experience of HID kits... but looking for one for my MK1 1997 GS300 sport. After reading these posts it seems like the one to go for as seen on HID-Direct is the Single Beam ULTRA HID conversion kits for most cars - £79.99 inc VAT or are any of the more expensive ones worthwhile? colour Temp 6k? Would people agree with this? also, how do these compare with regards to the light output of my standard ones.. are they better? maybe stupid questions so sorry but never looked into them till now. Cheers guy's (and gals if there are any)
  9. I went with the TTE ones - 101 euro inc delivery.... Florian @ TTE was very helpful and responded to my questions very quickly. 4 days for delivery... anyone who wants her details here they are: Florian Bachus Co-ordinator Sales Florian.Bachus@toyota-f1.com Phone: +49-(0)2234-1823-691 Fax: +49-(0)2234-1823-32 www.tte.de www.toyota-f1.com Think I might use the money I saved for some HID lamps.. I know there is a Post about them so will see what the favourites are.
  10. ...another update.. Apparently the TTE caps are the same as the original Lexus ones but they just have TTE instead of the L symbol. Its 120 Euro difference in cost... shall I save a bit of money and go for the TTE or seeing as Ive spent quite a lot already in getting it fixed up shall I pay extra for the original Lexus caps? Help!!!!!?????
  11. Got the wheels back with new shoes on.. Dunlop Sport 9000.. they look very nice, a superb job by Lepsons. They painted the centre caps for me and they have come up well but they really dont blend into the polished rim very well so I am looking to buy some new centre caps. I emailed the woman at TTE yesterday and she quoted me the following: Your price for a Lexus center cap AM28342 is 46,09 Euro. So if you want to order 4 pcs. total price incl. freight costs will be 219,61 Euro. If you prefer to receive TTE center caps your price will only be 16,57 Euro per cap. So total price will be 101,53 Euro. I've asked if she can send me a pic of the TTE centre caps but judging by the price i'm pretty sure theyre just going to be plastic or something and obviously wont have the Lexus symbol. Does anyone have any experience of these TTE centre caps? £170 for the original Lexus caps isnt bad considering dealers are asking £56 each cap.
  12. I've not gone for them yet.. although Lepsons cant diamond cut and polish the centre caps as they are the wheels, they have said they should be able to do a pretty good job cleaning them up and get a good match to the finished wheels so I will see how they look before I buy a new set..
  13. ...Things are on the move.. apart from the car which is sitting on axle stands as the wheels were collected for their refurb yesterday. I found a place that seemed to be £100 cheaper than anywhere else for the tyres.. they are web based www.fasttyres.co.uk and have depots everywhere... I got Dunlop SP 9000 - 275/35/18 x2 and 245/40/18 x2 for £520 inc VAT and delivered to the refurb place. thought that was pretty good so I would recommend them. I also got a full service done yesterday by a friend of a friend.. Toyota mechanic, did the lot.. oil, filters, plugs, cambelt, alternator belt everything.. gave the car a good checking over and charged me £275 for the lot.. parts (not cheap stuff) and labour. Thought I did pretty well there too. Just need to get the rear bumper and tail light sorted now for next week.. I'm very much looking forward to getting it back on the road in all its former glory.. Sorry if I've bored some people who have actually taken time to read this.. I'm gonna keep putting progress posts anyway and some pictures soon. While i'm here... where shall i get replacement carpet mats..? its got the grey interior... Cheers all.