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    300 Bhp of WRX Sti baby :)
  1. Bloody Hell 3k!!!! That would have me near or over 400bhp in the Scoob :)
  2. Cheers Anees i will try and get some tomorrow, they are in need of a refurb though . Lee we could come to some arrangement if you are interested, just need to know they are going as they are cluttering garage and its being converted into an office
  3. These are gonna get thrown away!!!! Anyone want em for £150 or they getting destroyed
  4. Bulldog

    Dyno Day

    I would come but £45 atm is mega bucks to me LOL i'm off to Vegas in December and my wife is on maternity leave so i'll leave you to do the sums LOL
  5. Bump ANy sensible offers listened to for wheels Exhaust comes as one unit if you want Chrome Tail pipe thats for you to sort and remove
  6. Bulldog


    Rory i'll speak to my m8 and see what he comes back with
  7. A fella off another car forum i use unfortunately lost his 19yr old daughter last july to a drunk driver. Originally the drunk driver was given an 18month sentence and a 12month ban, the ban would have been served by the time he got out of prison allowing him to jump straight back in the drives seat. After a years worth of appeals they managed to get it overturned and a 4.5 yr prison sentence was imposed and a 5yr driving ban. But he still gets to serve his 5yr driving ban whilst being locked up for 4.5 yrs.... The father of the 19yr old girl needs 30,000 signatures for the law to be considered for a change....This is already found it's way through alot of various forums so it is gathering momentum.. 2mins of your time peeps....Thanks in advance.. http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/kellycampaign/