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  1. dear friends ,my FM radio in gs 300 aristo has frequency upto 90 hertz how can i increase the frequeny beyond? the favourite FM channels are upto 99hertz .any help please
  2. hi friends i own GS 300 twin turbo jap import running in india,the standard iridium spark plug in NGK isBKR 6 E =WITHA GAP IS =0.044MM ..I WANT TO USE HIGHER HEAT RANGE OWING TO LOCAL AMBIENT TEMPERATURE HENCE PLANNING TO USE BKR 7 E OF NGK/ DENSO IR-22. DO I HAVE TO RESET THE PLUG GAP TO 0.044MM OR LEAVE IT TO STANDARD OF 0.032MM?( THIS PLUG GAP IS FACTORY SET AT 0.032MM) can any one help please bye