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  1. Happy Birthday Mr Flibble!

  2. yeah sorry, the starter turns but the engine doesnt turn on straight away. I've had the same problem with mine every now and again, you can try and start the car several times before it actually turns the engine over. I put it down to me driving the car a little hard over a short distance and the engine being slightly flooded (rushing to work). Do you drive 2-3mile distances from cold?
  3. Not sure what was wrong with mine but it sounds like the same problem, similar mileage too (think mine was around 78-79K). Luckily the previous owner had the gearbox replaced before I bought it off him as he worked for Toyota. I'm sorry I can't give any advice really other than it's not just your IS200 that's done it.
  4. Thankyou very much for the tip off, top bloke :D
  5. I'm looking for an exhaust for my IS200 SE. I noticed a few people have a HKS SuperDragger/II. I really like the sound of it and want to get one. Is this a full system or just rear section? Would I need a de-cat pipe? Would this bolt straight on to my IS200 SE even though looking at HKS Website it's made for the IS300? If anyone can find one for sale for an IS200 please could you let me know where and how much please?. Any info would help please, - Paul :)
  6. Looking for an Exhaust too. Really wanted the HKS Hiper but not making it anymore. :( It's between a HKS Dragger (if they make one for the IS200) and the Kazama 2 at the moment, which one of these two would you choose? I've not been able to hear the Kazama 2 on a normal IS200 yet so if anyone has a video it'd really help.
  7. Thanks for the Link Wozza :D
  8. So I have a standard SE as regards suspension wheels etc. I want to lower it with the PI springs but I'm not sure how this will affect my camber etc. Basically can I buy the PI 35mm springs and just fit them or is there more to this?
  9. B)--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(T7RY B @ Apr 3 2007, 07:24 PM) ←</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec--> I lost my locking nut. I took it into the local KWIK-fIT and told one of the lads the situation. I said I wasn't bothered about VAT etc and he charged me a tenner.Took them all off inside 10 minutes!! So much for locking nuts! Thanks for the info, might try my local Kwik-Fit then as I have four spare nuts at the moment (although they aren't locking ones). :)
  10. I have a broken 'key' the bit that undoes the locking wheel nuts on an IS200. I can buy a new set from Lexus for £23.50 which isn't the problem, but what's the best way of getting the wheels off now as I can't undo the locking wheel nuts to put the new set on? :duh:
  11. Put it this way, they are a small local garage and they won't be getting any good press from me. :winky:
  12. Hi Blackshuck, could you post me the pin and retaining clip please, it's definatley the one he's talking about. I've just been to see the Garage Owner and he said I need a whole new caliper. Idiot says the 4 month old caliper is corroded already. lol
  13. Very true mate could be a different pin so will ask them today.
  14. Just fitted rear brake kit, inc Pins, shims, springs, clips, etc was £70 inc VAT from Lexus (Rip Off) But there is only one pin each side the pads would just be loose without it If its just the pin and 'R' clip and you can't get one PM me your address and I will send the ones I just took out of my car. Thanks for the info m8, I had put the car in for the MOT and the discs needed changing. Think the idiots at the garage broke the pin but they are denying all knowledge of it ever being there, going back tomorrow to have a go at them and see If i can get it sorted out. Will let you know what happens tomorrow and if i need you to send me one. Thanks for the offer I really appreciate it. I've been trying to find the correct size all night. Lol