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  1. love the colour congrats - you won't regret it!
  2. hi stu, have a look here for car accessories for the 3510i mik
  3. standing outside havin a smoke admiring the shine off my just washed lex when I notice this bird perched on the driver's side mirror ... as I walk over, bird f**ks off and then I see it ... a fresh crap running down the door what is it with the little :tsktsk: - can't they find enough nova's to crap on???
  4. don't get it ... looks like a bog standard lex to me ...
  5. ... and because of the clunking second gear change
  6. wow zee, that's a NICE car ...
  7. %$$!^%!&$ ... check out the damage the blowout did ... shame ;)
  8. yup, there she is .... NICE (the SC i mean B) )
  9. lots better than my crappy old wallpaper Cheers! B)
  10. WOW!! now THAT is a nice motor
  11. same story here - I tend to avoid shopping centre car parks at all costs ... shiny cars seem to attract old bangers which insist on parking right up against your pride and joy (even though there's LOADS of other spaces available) :( If you must park in one of these places, try and find a spot that has a kerb on one side and then park at a slight angle which tends to prevent the inconsiderates parking tight against the exposed side of you car OR walk in to town!
  12. Did the extra gloss protection thing yesterday and the car looks wonderful (esp since it didn't rain last night) Used super resin polish first on some of the panels that had light scratches before using extra gloss all over car and leaving for an hour to dry before polishing off - rate both products highly :P Only problem now is that chip marks on bonnet are more noticable :( hmmm seem to remember there's an article on Gold somewhere about this ...
  13. Since 8th Jan, I've averaged 23.4mpg - mostly urban with the odd long distance trip ... the IS, I've discovered, is a thirsty beast around town <_<