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  1. I have a silver (Lucerne I think) MK2 mirror casing in my garage at the moment but the bit inside that the mirror glass clips onto is knackered. If yours is a MK2 you might be able to botch one together using both. The casing itself is in pretty good nick and was from a '98 GS300SE (with the memory position sensors). PM me if you're interested.
  2. Squeeking noise could be the water pump. I had to have mine replaced late last year ('98 GS300SE) at 51K miles. Dealer said that I should not have been driving with it like that. Luckily warranty picked up the £580 bill and also forked out for new front discs, although I did have to pay for new rear discs and pads all-round. My warranty expires in Jan 2006 and I plan to get shot of the car before then. The car is probably only worth £8.5K max now and should something major go like gearbox or brake booster, I think it will cost $$$$. You may be confusing valve noise with injectors as these also make a loud clicking/tapping sound. My valves are still noise free.
  3. Lexus do not recommend the steam cleaning of engines. My first GS300 suffered from major misfires that were not even cured after new sparkies and drying all the connectors indoors-so I rejected the car in the end as nobody could fix it. My advice-shut the bonnet and spend all the time you would have spent cleaning the bit that is supposed to get dirty on polishing the outside bits that are meant to be kept clean. Or go down the pub and drink a coupe of pints of degreaser. Cleaning engine bays? What next? Stripping the rear axle and cleaning the diff?
  4. Take heed of the Monty Pyton crew's advice and RUN AWAY
  5. Try Lexus Exeter it's only an hour and a bit or so from Bristol and you'll get to see the largest trading estate in the whole of Yurp. I live in Bristol and lexus bristol quoted me £670 for a 63K service on my GS300. Lexus Exeter £540 and that also included a new battery worth around £60. They also lent me a nice Yaris for a few days
  6. Don't know how many members there are of this club now, but how about starting something like..... "Lexus Club Together Scheme" .....Whereby if a member has a major problem, those other members who'd like to, or felt sorry for them, could contribute, say £2, towards getting that major problem fixed. If there were 500 members who wanted to contribute, my GCSE maths says that would be £1000 crisp ones to help get that Lex back on the road. Then, provided you had contributed to someone else's woe, if your own Lex should knacker up, you would be eligable for receiving help from other members too. Obviously some kind of vetting would be required incase someone decided they'd like a new set of 18" alloys and deliberately went round kerbing them and you'd have to stop people making minor claims for things like punctures or windscreen washer fluid running out, but I think that on the whole Lexus drivers are an honest lot and would not milk the system. Good idea or have I had too much beer to drink tonight?
  7. ....gently down the garden Anyone know a good reliable roofer in the Bristol area as this wind has managed to dislodge a few tiles from my roof?
  8. I suspect a problem with the remote transmitter. Maybe the battery is starting to go, or the contacts for the buttons are dirty. Try really mashing the buttons and keep an eye on the key's LED. The GS300MK2 doors will try and relock once if the car detects that one or more of them did not lock on the first try. Double check all your doors are locking as I've had to have 2 door lock motors replaced on mine due to them not working properly.
  9. Mr Scorpion From the pictures on your signature, it would appear that you are the proud owner of a block paving driveway which would most likely obviously show the difference between an oil puddle and a puddle of air-con condensation water. If, like me, Mr Gears has a tarmac drive, it is not always easy to tell exactly what fluid has caused the puddle unless you either smell it , taste it :yack: or spray water on it. Many a person (including my elderly next door neighbour) has unhelpfully informed me that my car has wee'd out all of it's oil over the driveway when in actual fact, it's just the air-con performing it's natural functions.
  10. It's not just condensation from the air-con is it?
  11. Monsieur Gendarme. Je voudrais un reference du crime sil vous plait? :duh:
  12. A friend of mine used to work in Tesco and said that they had a policy (not publicised) that they would pay for a car to be valeted (upto a certain cost) should one of their containers leak on the way home.
  13. Sounds like you need these instructions.... Front door trim removal Rear door trim removal
  14. James' 30 second guide to electrics RED=Live BLACK=Neutral GREEN/YELLOW=Earth RED+BLACK=Spark RED+GREEN/YELLOW=Spark Don't replace fuses/circuit breakers with nails! If in doubt, wear rubber gloves and get your wife to turn the power back on!
  15. I just drive through really big puddles-seems to do the trick and leaves nice brown go-faster decals up the side of the car too!