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  1. Nice one! 👍 I kinda guessed it would be something like that but was just concerned that there may be particular locations to spring the tabs.
  2. Hi all, My drivers side window/mirror switch panel resonates when I crank up the ML. Any tips on how to remove it without causing damage so I can make a gasket for it to stop this irritating vibration? Cheers, Lee
  3. Make sure you buy the ones that are a complete replacement unit... I saw some for sale where you have to drill your existing unit to fit the projector in... that's far too much faff in my opinion. 😊
  4. So.. for £15, free postage and a few weeks wait from China these arrived today and, despite being a bit apprehensive about the quality, I must say that I do rather like the way they look and the quality is really good 😊. Maybe not to everyone's taste but I do like a bit of led lighting. All of about 3 mins to fit too.
  5. So, I have set up an account online and also downloaded the MY LEXUS app and I have been playing with the journey planner. I can set a route using my laptop and mobile and it says it has been successfully sent to my car to be downloaded but what happens next??? I've looked at every section of the Premium Nav in the car and can't see where to download from. Do I need a WiFi connection or something? I also tried to put my user name and password from my account into the car system but it kept coming up with an error message, again will this need wifi to connect? I doubt i will actually use this facility much as I will program all of my destinations into the car that are currently on my Garmin. That ponders another question.... is there a way I can get them off my Garmin and into the Premium Nav without having to manually input every postcode? I have tried to back up my garmin onto a pen then try to import to the cars nav system with no joy. Any pointers appreciated 😊
  6. I couldn't see it in the handbook.... I found the whole hand book very basic. Unless there is another with more technical attributes?? 🤔 Even the disc version provided wasn't much help.
  7. Hi all... just playing with all the set ups on my IS and I recall seeing on here that you can change the flash count of the indicators without going back to Lexus to set it but now I can't find the thread, I don't think I was imagining it 🤔... mine are currently set at 3 flashes and I would like to increase to 5. Any pointers? Cheers
  8. My missus really isn't into the whole car thing. She doesn't even drive.... she doesn't really like speed, I can smell her fear when I take her out in the hot rod for a blast.... but, she does appreciate a nice luxury car and I know that, deep down, she will love the IS and feel the bees knees being chauffeured around in it. To be fair, if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have it, we've both saved hard to get exactly the right car.... if I was a single man I know I'd be riding a stolen push bike and spunking my cash on crack whores and coke!!! Hahaha! She does have to put up with a lot with me being a total petrol head..... gawd bless her 😍
  9. I did circumnavigate my local town a couple of times for maximum impact lol.
  10. I agree... Richard is an absolute credit to the team up there. 😊
  11. Well... 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 Literally just walked in the door from picking the IS up today. Entertaining train journey up from Euston with a stag party (the stag dressed as a fairy) and a girls birthday party on the carriage. It was starting to look a bit messy by the time the train pulled into Liverpool Lime Street lol. I got picked up at the station by the sales guy, which was nice... top bloke! I can't praise him enough for going above and beyond every step of the way. A final inspection of the car, paperwork and, of course, paying the balance.... and off I went for the journey home..... what an amazing drive that car is... solid, responsive. even aggressive in sport mode and I felt the absolute dog danglies behind the wheel. I set the phone up to call the missus to tell her I was on my way back but , slightly more importantly (😉), plugged in my iPod and tweaked that ML and had that cranked on the trip back, it sounds fantastic. So far there is nothing that I find irritating or odd.... it's all I expected and so so much more from a Lexus and the admiring looks from people on the motorway just made it all the more worth while.... amazing happy times ahead! 😊 Cheers, Lee
  12. Thanks Herbie, that's made my mind up 👍 It's not as chunky as it looks. There's quite a big radius on the locking bars. I took both options out of the boxes for a proper nosey and the Elite, although bigger, really does seem way more substantial. It really is 'in your face' too huh.
  13. Out of interest.. how well does the Elite fit? I just popped down to my local Hal'frauds' and looked at the Pro and the Pro Elite and the Elite looks so much deeper on the bend... but at lot more substantial for negligible extra cost. Thanks