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  1. Headlights Staying On

    Had issue again due to excessive rain last night. When I came to my car, the alarm went off and then over-rode it with the key. Had to take the relay out to stop the battery draining. As it happened, I bought a new car the night before so no problems anymore for me. Good luck finding the root cause of this problem. (I'm an engineer and I couldn't). Maybe the car was just being temperamental. Cheers Lee
  2. Navigation

    Just found out why I've been having grief with my Sat Nav disc. Basically water has leaked into the boot andthe humidity increased in there as it was damp and it wouldn't read the disc. I had enough of problems and sold my car last night. I kept the sat nav disc and the remote if anyone is interested. It'll be going on E-bay within week. . . Cheers Lee
  3. Navigation

    Thanks for the info. I ended up sending my CD off for repair http://www.cd-repair.co.uk/ £2.99. Excellent repair. Disc works fine again. . .
  4. Headlights Staying On

    Just to let you know I haven't had the problem for month despite the downpours of rain. Last thing that happened after Lexus changed the relay (which did nothing) was that Autoglass took the bulkhead cover off under the rear of the bonnet. Couldn't see anything wrong and refitted it. Maybe it was slightly leaking water in somehow. . .
  5. Navigation

    I've got an original 3.7 version disc and I've been having errors reading the disc so I took it out and cleaned it. It is scratched and won't work. Now my Sat Nav is useless. I'm not paying out £100+ for something I've already got. Any other options? Cheers
  6. Dodgy Parking Sensor

    I have the same issue. The main one works though. This is in a a black box in the boot on the passenger side. Lexus had my car and it works now but I have qty 4 reversing sensors too and since Lexus had it they are now too quiet but I can't find the bloody buzzer. I think that is a damp issue too though. Just need good weather and time so I can have a look.
  7. Reversing Bleeper

    I was looking for it last night because my IS200 has 2 different beeps. One which is intermittent when you are in reverse and one which is linked to the qty 4 reversing sensors on the bumper (I think these are Toyota ones though because Lexus won't touch them). In the boot N/S behind the panel is a black box. If you pull the cable off this box, the beeping stops. I'm unsure what else it links up to though so be warned. . . Anyone know anything about the toyota sensors? Since Lexus had it they are now too quiet.
  8. Headlights Staying On

    I've got the same issue too. Recently after rain the lights wouldn't go off. I left the car with them on for 10mins. When I drove home and parked they went off so I left it. I woke up in the morning and went to get in the car, there was a buzzing. The relay had been on all night buzzing and drained the battery. I had grief but basically Lexus Wolverhampton had it to look at. They blamed the in-car mobile phone charger for draining the battery (which I didn't agree with but couldn't do much about). They also said that a modification they now do to stop this issue is to grease a hole on the bulkhead to stop water ingress. They found some moisure in this area and carried this out. Anyway, it rained again 2 days ago and it happened again so I'm driving around with the relay out at the moment waiting for them to re-open so they can have it back. Great eh!