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  1. Hi Driving down a small country lane I managed to hit my drivers door mirror on my CT cracking the small plastic piece that covers the side repeater, ideally I only need the small piece of plastic but will consider a whole mirror assembly
  2. jetskidia

    New toy!

    Were they F Sports with Red interior?
  3. jetskidia

    New toy!

    F sport only come in White or Black with red interior
  4. jetskidia

    New toy!

    As its the F sport, very comfy, the seats are so much more supportive
  5. The wife wants one of these. What up with yours dude? We love the 450h, can't imagine having any other car after having it for a while now
  6. jetskidia

    Goodbye And Thanks!

    Good luck moving from a Lexus to a BMW
  7. Got my letter and all booked in :)
  8. I still haven't received a letter yet? But my brother who owns a 450h as well has his recall done today.