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  1. Afternoon, Am in the final stages of negotiation on an 11 plate ISF. Does anyone know if the ISF can be checked for excess G which would indicate accident damage? This can be done with Porsche and Nissan GTR by plugging in the OBD Diagnostics but the dealer may only have limited access to this data. One other question, what is the VIN number for the 11 plate cars that have the LSD and DRLs? Cheers Paul
  2. Does anyone know if the ISF engine has a Oil condition sensor (similar to BMW) ? Also is it possible to get the oil temperature and level logs from the ecu diagnostics?
  3. Had exactly that on mine a few weeks back. Got a local mechanic to sort it without replacing anything.
  4. I thought lexus say 10k miles between oil changes? The car is a 10 plate for 26.5k and is very tempting. The Px offer on mine was very poor but they increased it after some negotiation.
  5. The car is at 42k and has had 4 services. The service before last was at 25k and the other services are on time. This is a high performance engine. My gut feeling is that if it was driven up and down the motorway it would probably be fine but if caned there could be some wear that may not rear it's head for a few years. It drives ok and they are willing to throw in 2 years warranty as part of the deal so am seriously considering it.
  6. Just had a look at an ISF from lexus that has not been serviced for 17k miles. What are your thoughts on this?
  7. Wife left the boot open and the battery will not turn the starter motor. So is on charge now. Is there anything that needs to be reset afterwards and has anyone had any issues after reconnecting the battery? I am aware of the Passenger seat memory. Is there a throttle relearn? Anything else? Cheers Paul
  8. My car has been serviced for the last 6 years by Lexus and they now advising me that I need the brake fluid changed (for the first time)at additional cost on top of the service price as they say it is not included as part of the 60,000 mile 6 year major service. According to my Service book a brake fluid replacement should occur every 2 years. This is also stated on their Health and Safety Schedule which lists all the items to be done. I feel this is not acceptable and have formally asked Lexus for a response. Anyone else not getting work done that is part of the service? Car is a 2005 SC430 apologies for posting in this area but hoping for a response...
  9. paul_k


    Really nothing to worry about. These cars are Bomb proof. A full Dealer service history adds value IMO. Only minor issues on mine are: Stone chips on the bonnet Corroding wheels Insides of front tyres will wear out if cornered fast. Brake pads don't last as long as some cars but are cheap to replace. Occasional slight wheel wobble at around 50mph when first driving off on cold tyres. Go for it!
  10. 05 model is a good one! Have not tried this. Here is the offical Lexus aim document. Are you sure its not the old headlight moving up and down due to the pot failing? Cheers Paul Headlight_aim1.pdf
  11. Very little goes wrong with these cars it's a Lexus after all! Only problems I have had in 4 years is the self levelling headlight sensor, corroding alloys and an occasional loud bang when lowering the roof. All these were fixed under warranty. Engine and gearbox should be almost silent. Excellent mid range torque makes for very relaxed driving. Check inside edge of front tyres for wear and CD changer is OK. Seat memory function not working is a sign of a flat battery and the system not being reset. A full Lexus service history is a must though. Cheers Paul
  12. May consider selling the wifes 05. Drop me a PM if you are interested. Cheers Paul
  13. Our 05 SC rings from the car OK. Have had 3 different phones and all are OK. Only problems we have had are when 2 phones are entered into the car the first phone stops working. The address book download does not work There seems to be no way of deleting numbers! The 05 SC was the first to have bluetooth I believe so the Bluetooth is first generation and some phones may not be fully compatible. Paul
  14. Thats the limit of my knowledge on this i'm afraid. Can't find a copy of this TSB on the net. Just to clarify you are using the fore / aft switch on the side of the seat when going fully back. Not the memory buttons! Cheers Paul
  15. Just checked my 05 and the passenger seat goes right back even squashing the rear seat. Interestingly if it is reclined it auto reclines up as it almost hits the rear seat. There is a US bulletin on seat position if the battery is disconnected: PG005-03 INITIALIZATION OF FRONT SEAT POSITION AND SEATBACK ANGLE (REVISED) 8/19/2005 - 2004, 2005, 2006 Lexus SC430. This bulletin explains the initialization procedure for the front seat position and the seatback angle on 2004 –2006 model year SC 430 vehicles. To reduce parasitic current draw from the battery during transport and storage, the D/C CUT fuse (15A) has been removed at the assembly plant. As a result of the removal of the D/C CUT fuse, the following will be inoperative: Automatic seat adjustment. Driving position memory of the front seat. It is necessary to initialize the front seat position and the seatback angle after the D/C CUT fuse has been installed during Pre–Delivery Service (PDS) or whenever the battery terminal has been disconnected and reconnected. File is associated with other vehicles. Product General Information 2004 Lexus SC430 2006 Lexus SC430 08-19-2005 Cheers Paul