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  1. I have just had a new ECU (For the Sat Nav) fitted to the car due to some serious faults with the Sat Nav system, prior to it being changed by Samsung 6 edge mobile phone connected to it with full function of text and email, however after paring the phone once again with the car the option to use email and text is Greyed Out in the selection of functions in the settings menu, any ideas?
  2. The information can be found under SETUP & then SOFTWARE UPDATE
  3. This is the current software version that I have in my NX Model ID DCU 17LDL2EU-DB01 Model ID MEU 17LML2EU-FB00 Audio - 1401 Navigation - 1511 navdb_version - 943 Who Knows!
  4. I had the Major update done last Friday (Only been waiting almost 2 months for it!) and sadly it hasn't worked, the SAT NAV is still intermittent on start up, you have to either turn the engine off or hold the power button in to reset it until it works, I have now also lost the ability to receive email/text messages, at least the DAB radio is back! The SAT NAV (When it does work) is out of sync with the map as for the first few miles it prefers to navigate me over grass/railway lines or water rather than the road (I assume that this is a GPS location issue?) I spoke to the dealership on the Saturday morning and aired my concerns, and as always they did the best that they could - they suggested that I made a video of the issues that I have so that they could send it to Lexus technical department, I did this and they emailed it to them on Tuesday morning, within an hour they had a reply back saying that they are aware of further issues since the last Major Update (July 2018) that is affecting a small amount of cars (unfortunately mine is one of them!) therefore I will have to wait again until it is resolved!! Not bad for a car that I picked up in March 2018 and I am still without a fully functioning SAT NAV/Multmedia system! I will keep you posted!
  5. Hopefully tomorrow is the day that I finally get this PANTS SAT NAV sorted, it is going in for a major software update (Others have failed!) so all being well & fingers crossed the issue will be resolved, 5 months after driving out of the showroom - the dealership has been great, more than can be said for the Customer Service department at Lexus UK!
  6. Sat Nav is pants along with Lexus UK customer care, they don't give a toss! Mine has had the update that doesn't work and I was told that a new update was due the end of May, however just been told today that this has been delayed! Therefore I have been without a functioning sat nav/ entertainment centre that hasn't worked since taking delivery at the beginning on March, next step is to leave the car on the dealership forecourt, frustrated to say the least!
  7. I had the patch installed at the start of the week in mine, lasted all of a day and has gone back to how it was before! Spoke to Lexus UK & the dealership and they have advised that I will have to wait until the end of May when the next major update is due - Pretty poor service from Lexus as the SAT NAV has not been working since I picked the car up at the beginning of March 2018 This is my 6th Lexus and this has made me a little disappointed in the brand, my only dealings with Lexus UK and it has been shocking to say the least, thankfully the team at Lexus Hedge End have been brilliant! God only knows what happens if the MAY updated doesn't work!
  8. I have had the issue since day one of collecting my New 2018 NX (March 2018) it started happening as soon as I got on the motorway after leaving the dealership, loose the map, radio or ability to access mobile phone etc when the SAT NAV is set to a location it tells you to turn left for example but the screen (When it does work) carries on straight ahead!! - phone call to the dealership and they said that they know of an issue on models that are either Luxury or Premier grade, I was advised to log a Case Number with Lexus GB Customer Care, still no resolve and Lexus are dragging there heels as all as I am getting is passed from one department to another!! This is my 6th Lexus and the only one that I have had any issues with so to say that I am disappointed is an under statement. I will give it another couple of weeks then I am back to the dealership to demand a Demonstrator until it is sorted !!!
  9. I have just ordered my new CT200h Premier, this will be my 4th Lexus and my 2nd CT, a question that I forgot to ask when I placed the order was does it now come with a spare wheel/space saver wheel?? as my previous one didn't and it caught me out on more than one occasion!! Any help would be appreciated!
  10. Mine went into Lexus today, after 20 minutes problem fixed! Its only taken 15 months to sort out! No vibration when the tunes on the CD are playing loud or when the car is in 6th gear, I suppose I will miss playing the game whilst driving to work each morning, trying to make out what is coming up behind me!
  11. Please help! Can anyone tell me if a Samsung E900 works with the IS220 with multimedia, I am currently trying to use a Motorola SLVR with it, but the bloody thing will not pair with the car when you get in it, I have been to the dealer but after a couple of hours they gave up and could only suggest that I connect it manually each time that I get in the car, great! Any suggestions for phones that do work would be helpful. Cheers
  12. Correct... I purchased a digital camera, used it once, then my daughter used it and I have not seen it since! Kids...... :tsktsk:
  13. Here are some pictures of the car, I think I have more photo's of it than I do of the wife! Mind you I think the car looks better than the wife!! :)
  14. I read sometime ago on the forum that there was a glass holder that would replace the ashtray/cigarette lighter in the new IS220d model, however I cannot locate the post and would be grateful if anybody could supply me with more information or a part number.
  15. The baby wipes work a treat! Great Tip, much better than anything that I have used in the past. Cheers