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  1. Typical, I get the car i want, then change jobs and have to revert to a company car, knowing my luck I will end up with a BM. Anyway my car is now up for sale so spread the word! V reg 1999 IS200 SE, Manual. Platinum Ice, Exmoor black Leather trim. All the usual specification, 6CD, climate etc (we all know what they've got) Just had 50K service at approx 55K miles, now on 56.5k miles. Had 4 new tyres, and rear pads on service. FLDSH. Tax till end of December 03, MOt till sept 03. Vehicle is in lovely condition, it's a cherished car, garaged every night and valeted weekly. Asking £12k ono. Located in Midlands (Leics) Can be contacted by email on Mobile 07941 573696 Thanks :D
  2. Apologies of this topic has been enterred before but I don't get the time to browse the site much these days. I have a 1999 V registration IS200SE, in silver with black interior. It has just done 54,000 miles, has full Main dealer history and is in exceptional condition for it's age. there are no faults, issues etc with the car and has just had a full set of new tyres (GoodYear F1) If I were to sell the vehicle privately can anyone give me an indication of what I would get for it? Thanks for your help!
  3. HI all, been some time since I was last in here. Since I had my tyres replaceed all round in January I've noticed a distinct vibration as I accelerate, it is more noticable from about 60mph and upwards and is probably worst at around 100mph. If I lift off the pedal and let it slow down naturally there are bands in the speed where it seems to get worse. It does not wander around the road and upon braking the car stays in a straight line. I have had the wheels balanced again recently but it does not seem to be any better. The steering wheel transmits some of the vibrations but I can also feel it in general, through the seat for example. I've jacked up the front end and noticed one wheel spins pretty freely, whereas the other is stopped fairly quickly by the brake. Could a sticking caliper be the cause? Could it be the tyres themselves being faulty? Should I look at getting my local lexus dealer to perform the very expensive 4 wheel tracking? Has anyone else had this problem or seen a post where someone else found a remedy. I was hoping my lexus would be a trouble free car but now I am starting to get worried I could be in for some hefty service bills to correct all manner of things. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks
  4. Java, My commiserations. Out of interest, do you know what tyres you were running on the car? What were the road conditions at the time you span it? best of luck, take no prisoners
  5. having just swapped all 4 tyres for Goodyear F1's can anyone tell me if I should simply follow pressure guidelines on the stickers on door pillar or should I refer to goodyear? I have them pumped up to 34PSi all round but the sidewalls seeem to bulge and look slightly low? Anyone?
  6. No not really, they looked even, apart from one tyre which had a gash in it and the tread was lifting away from the casing. Caught that just in time I think. peace of mind has no vlaue!
  7. I've not used my air con at all so far in the winter as there has been no need. I just use the heater with fresh air incoming. I didn't know the windscreen was heated? I'll be looking for that later!
  8. I've just had all 4 tyres replaced and balanced, I've noticed some posts saying that its best to take the car to a lexus garage to have a 4 wheel alignment done, is this really needed or just a belt and braces approach? Getting the time to take it in is a real pain. Any advice gratefully received
  9. I too have just had 4 spanking F1's put on mine to replace kumho's. Lucky I did, NSF tyre had a slit that was allowing the tread apttern to come away from the tyre . This was on the inside face of the tyre therefore could not be seeen normally. The tread had lifted so much you could slide your hand inbetween! Scary . F1's seem good so far, not tried them in the wet, only done 300 miles since wednesday on them. My advice, DON'T scrimp on tyres.
  10. Solved the rattle. Found a screw rolling around in the rear ashtray. Doh.!
  11. having looked at the link from this website to the Quanans, don't they look a little odd? The pictures I saw they stood out like a sire thumbm not looking original to the car at all. What do they look like fitted? Got any pics?
  12. When I had my shunt the estimate and actual repair cost was just pver £3000. I doubt they will fix it in a day though, mine took 4 weeks.
  13. I had my first go in the snow today in mine. Seemed ok, back wheels slipped as I pulled out the driveway into our close(non gritted) Drive like a sane person and not a nutter and it holds the road fine I found, even on my pants Kumho tyres. (F1's next week! :D )
  14. I don't know if this is something anyone else has come across, but I keep hearing an irritating noise coming from the passenger seat which sounds like a coin rolling around inside a plastic housing, but I've crawled all around the car and cannot find anything loose in there. Has anyone else had the same thing or know where I should be looking for missing change?