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  1. I phoned my Lexus Dealer service department and was told that with the engine off I should hold the "Menu" button in whilst pressing the engine Start button - nothing solved. Then I was told to disconnect the car battery for a few minutes and reconnect it to see if that will reset the management system - again nothing happened appart from now loosing the radio stations !!! As there is nothing on the screen you can't see what anything is set to. Any suggestions please - if not I'll have to take it in to Lexus and make a 100+ mile round trip. It is still under warranty but I didn't know if by pressing something it has turned something off.
  2. The central display console on my IS250SE-L for the sat-nav, etc has gone totally blank today. I can't get anything to come on it. We I first switch on the engine the Lexus logo flashes on the screen for a few seconds before going blank. I've tried pressing all the control switches but nothing seems to help. Also tried the dimmer switch and covered the dashboard light sensor. Any suggestions please?
  3. Standard production cars are designed to take the same tyres all around - mix and matching can be dangerous and is apparently THE main cause of accidents where tyres are to blame. Personal view - stick to the same type and make all around. The added bonus is when you service the vehicle you can also rotate the tyres around the car to even out any wear.
  4. The V300 Twin Turbo is basically a Toyoto Supra engine and Lexus GG300 body, so service costs are usually within these car's budgets (which are usually competitively priced). However, not many garages know what they are dealing with if you show up in a V300, and some Lexus garages will not service imports. A good local "sports" garage may be able to help. If you live in Coventry then you are not far away from Thor Racing - so if you want to add goodies and service it as a performance car then they offer good value for money and know what they are doing.
  5. Most of the electronics on the Lexus are "fail safe" - ie: if a wire comes off it assumes a sensor is down or a problem exists and therefore a light or alarm comes on. As you seem to have an intermitted problem then I suspect it is a poor connection rather than a genuine fault as such. It could be a loose wire or the switch itself breaking down, so have a look at the TRC control switch first.
  6. In theory the different steering wheels from these Lexus/Toyota cars work in a similar way and appear to have similar functions and same fitting spline on the steering column. Getting hold of them in perfect condition may however prove difficult. The "Up" and "Down" shift are only switches after all that give a signal to change the gears electronically. You would have to make sure the air bag, etc is perfect and you may have to fiddle with the electrical connectors if they are not the same type. You can also buy triptronic style steeling wheels off the internet, but I've not seen any with airbags fitted. In the past I did change my Mitsubishi FTO trip-change wheel for a smaller version with actual paddle controls (not buttons), which I bought off the web from Japan.
  7. Sadly price is not always an indication of performance, and you will find that some "expensive" break upgrades have little improvement for the extra cost (whether this is for the Aristo or any other car I've owned). Often it is as much down to driving style and the road surface and condition than the car itself. If you want improvement in the car's breaking my advice is the following cost to performance route: 1. Use better quality pads (currently good quality Green Pads on Anees Aristo, so not much you can do here). 2. Replace breaklines with stainless/braided and use high grade break fluid. 3. Find replacement performance discs to fit your wheels/calipers. 4. Replace all the above and add larger new calipers (probably means new larger wheels). 5. Choose some good larger rims and quality rubber tyres. UK Supra break upgrade is good for the MK2 Aristo, and I've seen one with LS400 breaks fitted. Be aware of import parts as these often aren't any different to what you already have if you have an inport car already. However, ask yourself how and where you will be using the car. I suspect that larger wheels, replacement pipes, good break fluid, quality pads, and modest priced replacement discs (ie: groved) will do it for everyday use. More or bigger surface area calipers/pads take you a step further with quality tyres. The main thing is that you need to do is for all four wheels (especially as there is four wheel steer breakout on Anees car) - get the breaking balance wrong and the car will handle like a JCB. Be careful on bleeding the breaks on the Aristo, as I'm told that air in the system can ruin the master cycliner (which is an expensive hobby). If in doubt, take your foot off the accelerator early!!!
  8. The fin on the roof is not "standard", but was fitted for the freeview TV - allowing you to watch it on the move (unless you are in a poor reception area or have the thing switched off !!).
  9. Watch how you go !!! Drive it for a while before you consider fitting the performance parts, and maybe think about upgrading the breaks at the same time (or before) - better to be able to stop than just to accelerate.
  10. If you mean the aristo ? its a Toyota :P You basically sit in a Lexus, but drive a Supra - so maybe it should be called a Lexota. Anyway it still performs whatever you call it !!!!
  11. One tip I've always used to get a good insurance quote with sports and performance cars like the V300 (assuming you want it as your second car): If you are to be the only insured driver of both cars then most insurance companies like to get "new customers" and conseqently will give a good deal and do the following: go to new insurance company (Sky Insurance have always done a good deal for me) and say you wish to insure the Aristo, swapping the full no claims from your everyday car and exisitng insurance company. Maximum no claims on the most "risky car" will give you a better premium. Then you need to ask them to also insure the second car (the everyday car being hopefully a lower insurance group) as a "combined policy" and on the grounds that you can only drive one car at a time. If you want to limit the miles you travel per year then this will also reduce the premium, as will keeping the V300 garaged. Some insurers will give you the same no-claims discount on both vehicles (for one driver and two cars on the same policy), but others will reduce the no-claims discount on the second car or only cover for fire and theft when not being driven. Check with several import and sports car specialists insurance brokers and shop around - most want to beat competitors on price and many offer introductory discounts. Their prices can be vastly different !!!!
  12. Insurance database is down as the true car - Toyota Aristo V300, but the V5 log book just says Toyota, 2995cc, 1997, and VIN number. Best play it by the rules I believe or fall foul of the insurance companies or DVLA !!! No sun roof on my car, but it has the optional dual side control climate air conditioning (not always standard on the Vertex edition I'm told). Try Sky Insurance - I've used them for my last few performance cars and they are very very competitive and very helpful. Personal circumstances are always different, but I currently pay under £550 fully comprehensive with business cover as well, and no limited mileage use.
  13. My V300 is for sale at £5,500 for Lexus Club members Specification and details at: My Aristo V300 Vertex Twin Turbo Tel: 07709-270679 I've re-listed it as the original posting seems to have dropped off the Forum web-site !!!