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  1. Hi, I have 10 Plated IS250 and am having problems with an irritating noise that the dealer has so far been able to resolve It is almost random and half my problem is when I am having a road rest, as is the way, the issue doesn't show up It is also, possibly connected to the foot brake, because if I start the car and release the foot break AND get a creak from the release of the brake, then I know the steering noise will be present. It is not conclusive though, as the steering noise does on occasion occur when there is no noise in the foot brake! When driving at speeds typically above 40mph, I hear a sort of knocking, almost tapping noise coming from the steering wheel area. I have isolated it to the steering wheel because if I place my hands on top of the steering wheel and press firmly downwards, the noise immediately stops and returns when I release the pressure. All of this when driving of course As I note though, the noise is inconsistent, its not even connected to say the cold mornings, as far as I can tell, as it can happen in the middle of the day. What I can guarantee is however, even if the noise is not present mid journey, if I drive over those raised bumps you often get at junctions that approach a roundabout, then the noise is immediately present My local dealer has had several test drives and replaced the steering column under warranty for me, but this has not solved anything. They suggested there was play in the steering, but I wasn't convinced. A technician has suggested it may be something to do with the cable from the foot brake which apparently runs up and around the steering column, but cannot prove this and is also confused by the noise going when pressure is applied in a downwards fashion on the wheel I am stumped and just wondered if anyone had come across this in their car. I have had 4 of these now and this is the first time. Which is odd because things like squealing rear breaks is entirely consistent across all four of the cars I've had! Thank you for reading!
  2. I have the same problem(s). I find a reboot of the phone and a re-pairing solves the music issues for a couple of weeks. The sms works ok, but then randomly today I started getting no sms's, but all my emails instead.... I have tried the iPhone 5, 5S and a iPhone 5 without the most upto date ios 7. something and they are all the same
  3. Yep, that's it. I've lost something off of my SE-L - dammit!
  4. I'm now in a 2010 F-sport replacement for a few days, while the problem is actually resolved and it's great to know that this one has the same rattle AND a bonus one coming from air-vent!
  5. Correct. I think you also won't get some other things. Right hand side buttons below the steering wheel level has two blanks on the F-Sport. You get the light washers, but a blank either side. My SE-L I'm sure had two buttons, but I can't for the life remember if it did, what they were. Snow and ECT and Manual TRC are on the left.
  6. Thanks all and Dazed, wow, what a reply! The seat is squeaky, apparently they need to speak to Lexus UK as it may be a seat swap The rattles, well they believe they are down to the plastic cowling / covers under the dash and under the glove box, they house the LED to the floor and surround the air flows and the pedals on the drivers side and when I went down and took a closer look, all I can see is what a shoddy job. It is pure pure cheap plastic and poor fitting. The problem though was that the screws were tight and the plastic catches were secure as they could be, so it's just poor fitting. They are taking it in next week when they have a spare car for me to 'sort it' but I'm very ****** off at the shoddiness!
  7. Took the plunge, end of warranty and wanted to swap - low res photo attached Partly due to lead time, partly because of the Alloy style and the spoiler, I went with the F-Sport. Very happy, the upgraded MM is actually brilliant. Full IPOD control using USB input, better Nav incl 3D, hard drive musice player and also no need to move the gear stick to the right to use the paddles and shiny pedals..... Figure hugging sports seats are a new one and need some getting used to and the brake light higher up because of the spoiler is a touch annoying, but I knew all this as I had a good trial beforehand Has anyone got one though, nothing on the forums of any note, I'd be interested in any feedback On to the niggles though Constant rattle - sounds like it's coming from drivers footwell - maybe a foot off the floor - maybe possibly the door. I'm taking it back in to be looked at, but anyone got any ideas or had this before, make it easier to explain to the dealer Drivers seat, the sport side bolster bit, the wing that sticks out, just squeaks everytime you move. Not sure what can be done, had this in the back of the full leather in an 56 IS250 I had and they ended up swapping the whole seat!! anyway, any thoughts or comments would be appreciated! cheers
  8. Really, seriously? I got the impression everyone here went out and bought their own 18's and put them on!! I'm torn, full stop. Love my SEL, but don't want a car out of warranty! Should I just look at a 59 SEL?
  9. also, does the new spec 250's lose traffic on the Sat Nav and Cruise Control? I've heard they have ta
  10. Afternoon everyone Simple scenario I think, but a headache working out the solution I have an IS250, SE-L full MM pack, Auto. 57 plate, nearly at the end of the warranty. Partly financed I know that if I keep it and I'm very happy with it, I'll need to buy an extended warranty, do the tyres and the brakes and basically part with about 2k Now for 2k cash deposit, I can refinance a newer IS250. I won't go brand new in this climate because I can't face the massive drops in value, so I'm thinking 6 months old. I'm looking at a 59 plate F-Sport, same spec and I get the bonus of the new HD Sat Nav, the new auto gearbox where the paddles work all the time and um, a spoiler, oh and 18"" alloys so, any views on any of this - please.......
  11. Does anyone actually know. It stops me accelerating quite as fast is all I know, doesn't appear to actually stop me skidding? Also, Sand, Grit, Salt? What's best to whack on your drive to ensure you can drive on and off it in the snow?
  12. but I have searched this forum as I'm looking for replacments on an IS250 SE-L I've done 26k and although I had a manual 2 years ago, I never replaced the tryes on that, instead buying my current car when the tyres were low - can't afford to do that this time!!! So, the forum suggests that the TOYO PX T1-R's front and back (225/45R17 and 245/45R17) are the way to go and I can get what I think is a good deal, £425 all Fitted, BUT WHY THE TOYO's - they appear to be great wet weather tyres, some might even say, specialised wet weather tyres, but it doesn't actually rain that much does it and well, if they are the best, is there something more concrete from any of you pro's? thanks
  13. Yep, know it too well I had mine stolen from a residents secure car park in the flats I lived, so it was basically someone who lived in my block! I did check the cars one weekend, but they couldn't find any suspect vehicles! there be scummers without better things to do, everywhere!
  14. I'm on my second drivers mat, really poor quality in my opinion as the part directly below the accelerator just keeps on wearing anyone know where I can get just one or two good mats from, rather than a full set from Lexus again for 80 notes!