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  1. yes i realised the one i linked to is an AS200, not the RS200, Will drop Lee a PM and see. Cheers
  2. interesting. anyone see this car up close? looks like one of the coilovers may be leaking?
  3. any problems with those coilovers knocking? Looks like seals are gone one the one in the picture. May know someone interested.
  4. Friend of mine from Holland is looking for a nice clean Altezza or s/c or t/c is200 from UK. He is based out of Holland and ideally would like to pick one up from UK as they work out a lot cheaper than in Ireland with our stupid government tax! Anyone know anything about this car or seller: altezza for sale
  5. Running the car on E5 will make it run noticeably smoother. Try resetting your ecu and that may solve things quicker. Apexi filter offers the best filtration and airflow of any of the after market filters. HKS and Blitz provide rather poor filtration. Disconnect the airbox and clean the throttle body, gunk always builds up there just in front of the valve.
  6. Do you have an induction kit fitted? If so that could be the problem. If you still have the standard airbox try put that back on to eliminate the induction kit as a cause of the problem. I might still have a spare airbox from my Deceased Altezza at home. Let me know if your interested in trying that. @whitelabelboy. IK22's are only really needed for supercharged or turbo charged applications
  7. best handling mod for the Altezza's. Start with good tyres and go from there. Fit the rear anti roll bar first, drive it for a bit and through it around some bends, then fit the front and see can you notice a difference. Had a front strut on my old Altezza, it was just a bit of bling under the bonnet, didnt make a bit of difference to the handling
  8. 100's over here, few supercharged, lots turbo charged!
  9. have a look here. This might help. What wiring in particular are you working on?
  10. been a bit distracted since the crash, ill stick it up later tonight.. think i forgot to post these up from the last gathering we had. sorry if i did already, couldnt see them posted Please wait a few seconds for Video to Load! Please wait a few seconds for Video to Load! Edit: sorry i posted these already! ah well watch them again. i miss my altezza!
  11. been a bit distracted since the crash, ill stick it up later tonight.. think i forgot to post these up from the last gathering we had. sorry if i did already, couldnt see them posted Please wait a few seconds for Video to Load! Please wait a few seconds for Video to Load!
  12. i would switch to IK20 spark plugs, dont know anyone using ik24's?
  13. uuuuuhhhhh Dan, did i hit a nerve Nah as usual i'm just stirring.... i'd love a spin in your Legacy sometime... new B4's are very nice in fairness ;) next Tezzaworld meet Noel you can test it out!
  14. But he probably doesn't want to "down grade" .... I think Noel needs a spin in my Legacy so and you will change your mind soon enough. They are more luxurious than that Altezza of yours! Obviously your don't know much about the new shape Legacy's . I haven't seen another one on the road since i've bought it a few weeks back. If you want something that has Impreza/Evo power and has that sleeper look. Subaru Legacy 2.0 GT B4 jdm spec, is worth looking at.(280bhp in standard form). Same ecu and twin scroll turbo as the new Impreza AFAIK. Standard european spec legacy's are muck. B4's and STI's jdm specs are what you want.
  15. IRLRs200


    ALtezza held up very well from the looks of it! MAke sure you only price up the best bits for your Altezza! Maybe Legana bumper instead of current one.. wink wink!
  16. or buy a Subaru Legacy B4! All the power you want with the luxury of an IS!
  17. i just used CAstrol Magnetec 10w 40 its onlt semi synethic, not sure of any fully synethic 10w 40, i think Redline do one at about 15 quid a litre!
  18. i found my altezza ran better on 10w40 i noticed similar with the thinner 5w30 that it burned some oil. Not sure what your referring to with the engine breather pipe, maybe stick up a picture of it.
  19. Parts left for sale: 12" DB Audio Raptor sub woofer: 60 Euro Inphase 2 channel 1200w amplifier: 100 Euro Inphase 1.2 farad power capacitor: 60 euro(never used!) Clarion VRX578RUSB 7 inch Touch Panel, DVD / USB / DivX /iPod Including bluetooth adapter and genuine Toyota facia surround: 475(375GBP) Euro
  20. Some more recent pics, remap next week, and full exhaust system on the way should see it good for 320 ponies:
  21. I think Trust or HKS do one, check out think they have a few on there. You will need to remove the crash bar though as far as i know
  22. I contacted Toms in Japan and they verified the the white is a genuine one, based on ID plate and chassis number, silver one, well eh just look at it! Whats the deal with this Keighley place, not looking to buy it myself but one or 2 lads i know are. Tom's editions generally tend to go for mad money alright! The lads from Toms said the way that they were sold were, ten Toyota Netz dealers in japan participated in developing the Toms edition along with Toms. So 10 dealers, sold 10 cars each, all went in less than 24 hours! rare indeed
  23. So came across these 2(possible) beauties on pistonheads: First one seems way too cheap to be a Tom's and too many non standard parts for it to be genuine i think, and missing the all important ID plate showing its number x/100 Not sure about this one: Monster mat or Dave @ Prolex are very in the know about the Tom's editions if i remember right?
  24. sold mine to Wozza last month for 100 quid, although it was standard screen in it
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