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  1. Thanks for the replies, will give the car a good polish and see how it looks then B)
  2. What colour is my car? it's a 2001 SE. I thought it was Royal Sapphire Blue, but having bought a Sport Grill that is Royal Sapphire Blue, now I am not so sure. The grill is a touch darker :duh:
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome, my other half is well pleased. Moaned when I joined, then, then ...she didn't imagine there would be a Lexus forum somewhere :P :D
  4. Cheers Chips, not being impatient (honest) just didn't know if it was meant to be automatic or not :)
  5. Can anybody reccomend somebody? don't mind travelling a bit for a decent job :D
  6. Just bought a 2001 IS200SE as a cheap run around, lot of car for the money B) Had a new Sport model back in 2000 & never should have sold it :o Anybody know how long before I will be able to post in the group buy section? Have just paid my 25 squid :D