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  1. I chose to buy the 'S' new, and still have it. The major benefit is another inch of headroom because of no sunroof. The other benefit is a slightly softer ride because of the smaller wheels and higher profile tyres, albeit at the loss of some steering response. But it all depends what is important for you as the purchaser.
  2. Thanks for all the comments. Really useful to find out that other people have had similar problems. As a result I decided to tackle the two 10p sized bubbles on the nearside sill. The corrosion had spread under the stone chip paint, and I ended up with a 7cm long hole in the bottom of the sill. Fortunately the damage was quite localised, and the rest of the sill appeared sound. The hole was big enough for me to investigate inside. It seems that there is a design problem, with any moisture in the sill or in the C-post behind the rear door collecting in this area, with no obvious drain hol
  3. Chris This is very helpful. The pictures seem to confirm that the structural member is actually the beam behind, as I suspected. Now that the weather is improving I'll remove the wheel and plastic shield, and do some digging. Does the water come from the rear wheel, or is it draining from the main sill or another area? The car is normally parked on a slope with the nose higher, so water may be draining back into this area. I am rather surprised that if this is a common problem that there is not more about it on the forum. Because this area has a rubberised finish under the paint (to stop
  4. Hi My 2001 IS200 has rust bubbling on the rear part of the near side sill, just in front of the rear wheelarch. I've owned the car from new, and it has never been damaged in this area. I was surprised and relieved that it got through the MOT recently with no advisories. Before I start trying to eliminate this rust, has anybody else experienced this and how did you deal with it? I am guessing that I remove the plastic shield in the front of the wheel arch, but do I need to inject the sill with rustproofer once I have dealt with it from the outside. Looking at the workshop manual, it seems t
  5. May I suggest you turn the aircon off for a few days, and see if you still have the problem. Other thought - try tasting it. Brake fluid is very bitter, and coolant is sweet and cloying. But dont try more than a brief taste! And then wash your mouth out. Regards jonm
  6. Hi folks I have just joined, after looking at the message boards for some months. I originally posted this in the Gold area, but it seems to ahve got a bit lost. So I am trying again in the new members area. I have IS200S which I bought new from Lexus Park Lane in April 2001. Not many S models about, but I went for the 'poverty' model because it has no sunroof, and so has plenty of headroom. Each time they give me a courtesy car at a service I curse the sharp ridge of the sunroof assembly which hits my head on each bump. Other advantages are a quieter and smoother ride due to higher profil
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