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  1. Had the wheels sprayed,sorry I did not take them to Prestine Wheels but at the time could not get chrome spokes off. It was the bloke who sprayed that got them off.The chrome spokes were in good condition so just cleaned them. Has the wheels on a GS300 refurbished at Prestine Wheels some years ago and still looked like new 4 years later. The spray finish is ok but does not look as good as powder coating.
  2. It seems the bolts were corroded on to the wheel ,a few drops of acid, leave for an hour and then just tap them out !!
  3. have tried a tap after removing nuts,one is ok but the other seems to be screwed to wheel and will not budge
  4. Thanks,but have spoken to pristine alloys and they advised me to get the new spokes .
  5. I have a 2006 gs450h and am having the wheels refurbished .I been told I need to get replacement chrome spokes as it is impossible to remove the old ones without breaking them. Very expensive !!!!!! .Has anyone managed to get off without breaking them? I have taken the two nuts that hold them on but one of the studs seems to be screwed into the wheel and and will not budge. any ideas ?