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  1. I was advised against chrome on how tough they are to keep clean and shiney and they dont hold up after few runs past grit lorrys etc... Did you find this with yours Rory..??
  2. they do look alike yes... very nice makes me think it will suit my black lexus... where did you get yours...??
  3. pleased you think they will look ok... you have lost me... whats offset and how would I know..?? on the website they say the tyre size is 215-35-18 aztec you quoted something different so I am completely confuzed now...
  4. thank you... I posted this in the is200 forum aswell before I saw there was a wheel one and he has suggested I replace all 5 for safety so think I will pop over to lexus to pick 5 then do that with a little help from a friend... then all should be safe... thank you
  5. so as suggested this is the wheel I thought was nice looking.. my lexus is black and I like shiney things so I thought they might look good... I was advised against chrome would they be suitable
  6. That is very good news I was thinking I would need to buy the whole lot... so take the thing off completely first your saying then put a new thing in its place... where would I buy the thread from.. Lexus.. or any hardwear place..??
  7. Hello... Need some advice regarding my back wheel IS200... this wont sound very clever so hope some one can help me... I got a puncture the other day which is all sorted now with a new tyre I couldnt take the wheel off myself far to girly so some very nice friend helped me out but we found a probelm you know how the wheel is held on with 5 nuts... 1 has been snapped off so currently only have 4 holding the wheel on which I guess is safe enough but how do I go about fixing the problem... Can I get a new thread welded on or do I need buy the bit that has the 5 bits sticking out of to put the nuts onto...?? hope this is making some sense and someone can point me in the right directions... and please dont tell me to go to lexus they will charge me the earth... Any ideas please......
  8. I am wanting to put new alloys on my car found some lovely looking ones today... be about the 750 mark with tyres I thought was a good price, mine are currently 17 do I have to buy them or can I put 18 on.... would it make alot of difference... blonde girly so dont really understand much
  9. the bit that you screw the nut onto is missing... do you mean the long metal bit can be replaced easily..??
  10. I thought I had missed the tickets dates but as it has been extended I shall come and look around... get some ideas for my car.... is there going to be a club stand...?
  11. Yes I am still wanting to come.. fisher pond is fine... when is it going to be..??
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