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  1. Thanks for the advice Kev. I'll give the dealer a ring and see what happens.
  2. I've had my IS200 Sport since October 02. The gearbox is still notchy when I change gear, is this normal? or should I give it another month or so before I take it to the dealer. How long does it normally take before its nice and slick? Thanks.
  3. It was from a local tyre dealer 'Wheelgame' in Tadley Hampshire, about 6 miles north of Basingstoke, Hampshire.
  4. I don't know about the 'bugger me backwards thing' I'm not really into that, but glad that I might save you some dosh in the future. :D
  5. My puncture was in the middle of the tread and they said it is perfectly legal. They said they can't repair punctures to the side wall or if it is too close to the outer edge - but mine was okay. I had two punctures in my previous car and both were repaired the same way with no further problems. Hopefully I won't have any further problems. Just remember your club hammers.
  6. Woke yesterday to find I had a punture in rear tyre - all I could see was the top of a big screw which had gone in. I tried to change the wheel but after undoing all the nuts it still wouldn't come off, in the end I had to contact Lexus Roadside Assistance (RAC) who came within 45 mins to sort it out. The RAC mechanic had to use 2 club hammers and knock the wheel out to free it. Apparently it is a common fault with alloy wheels that they weld or stick to the casing - so make sure that your covered by RAC or similar or have a big hammer with you just in case. Good bit of news is that puncture can be repaired for £7.00 :D
  7. Great idea Zee, but I'm coming up from Basingstoke, Hampshire. So, is anyone going to Gaydon from the South If there is, we could meet at Cherwell Valley Services which is at Junction 10 on the M40 at about 9.15ish for a 9.30 departure. Let me know if anyone's interested - otherwise I'll have to reley on my wife to navigate :o and I'll never get there I wonder if we can get more cars in our convoy than Zee can in his.
  8. My mates IS200 is on a 51 plate and corrosion has started to come through. Mine is November 2002 and there is definetly more laquer on my wheels compared to his, my wheels also feel smoother. Lexus Reading are going to change all of his wheels but I don't know if its with refurbs or new.
  9. I had a problem with my alarm recently and, it wouldn't activate the siren and horn if you waved your hand around inside the vehicle after it had been armed. I took it to Lexus Reading and they had to fit a fit a new sensor - now fixed and all okay :D I got chatting to the service manager and asked him if they had many problems with the alarms on the IS200, he replied that the only trouble they seem to have is that they don't always switch themselves off So might be an idea to check the sensor. Just a thought.
  10. I had my car treated before I picked it up. Like you I was undecided, but then got thinking, whats £300 when you're spending £21000 ish. The salesman told me it would keep the car looking younger for longer and would help the re-sale value when I go to change it in. It also seals the leather/suede so that should help. I use Autoglym shampoo and wax and the car comes up brilliant.
  11. I waited until the alarm light on the dash started to flash, but I'll go and have another play with it and leave it for a couple of minutes and try waving my arm around inside the car and see what happens. I'll let you know - Thanks.
  12. When I was buying my Lexus I asked the salesman about the problem with the alloy wheels. He told me it had been sorted and now Lexus fit new wheels so the problem shoudn't happen again. I see that your car is 10 months old, so I'm not sure when the new wheels were fitted or what the re-furbished ones look like. Can you 'post' a picture of your wheels as I'd like compare them with mine to see what the difference is - so that I know if I still have the old style wheels.
  13. I know I've read a thread about people not sure how many times you have to click the remote to activate the deadlocking and set the alarm. Well I've just tried out the system by pushing once and twice to activate the alarm. The alarm worked fine after setting with remote and then opened the door with key, off it goes :D The second time I set the alarm with the window open and when the alarm was set, I wiggled my arm around inside the car to test alarm, but nothing happened Contacted Lexus Reading and they said you should only have to push once on remote to activate door and internal radar system (which I did). They are now going to order a new sensor (8th Jan) and let me know when its in. Makes you wonder if the alarm was checked as part of the Pre Delivery Inspection, or has it failed in the 7 weeks that I've had the car <_< Anyone one else had the same problem I'll let you know how I get on when the problem has been sorted.
  14. Just filled in the Driver Power 2003 survey on the Autoexpress website. Needless to say my IS200 Sport scored top marks in everything, there's also a chance of winning £25000, some how I don't think I'll get it Anyway fill it in and let everyone know how good the Lexus really is. :D
  15. I have twin 16 year olds boys who are about 5' 11'' and they have no trouble sitting in the back, after the usual discussion of who's turn it is to sit in the front.