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  1. hi all im new on here and looking to buy an IS200. looking at this car at the moment and before going to see it the guy told me a few things wrong with the car only minor however this sounded like the major thing which is theres a cd stuck in the cd player? is this going to mean taking the whole unit out and opening it up? big job? possible cd player is knackered? and most important of all is it going to cost a fortune? any advice would be much appreciated thanks in advance
  2. Thanks guys much appreciated. cant wait to buy one. Going back to uni soon and ideally need one asap but dont intend rushing into it at all. Gord any chance you can pm me with contact details for that car. Whatever lexus i buy has to be black so sounds about right to be honest because the rest is all the same.
  3. hi all Just registered so thought I would say hi to everyone. Currently looking for a lexus IS200 if there is any advice anyone can give me with regards to these cars i would be more than happy to take it on board aswell as appreciate it. Hi to all anyways no doubt there will be plenty more chatting. thanks in advance