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  1. White is just screaming for an Altezza upgrade!
  2. I guess with a name like that, any pms and stufff get auto spam deleted on the email front :)
  3. Congrats on joinging the Lexus experience!
  4. Hiya folks, After a long hiatus, thought I check back to see how everyone is doing. Its time for me first 10K service on the IS250, and I'm wondering if its better to pay service per service or to ask for a pre service payment service Anyone with any experience or thoughts on this?
  5. the best answer i can say is to go down to yoru local dealer and play with it. on..off.on off...boot open, boot close, lights switch on at night, etc....its brilliant!
  6. Well, the other consideration is what is teh road conditiosn like in slovakia for the sports version
  7. koshime


    dose up on loratadine (non sleepy anti hayfever meds) , take regular cold showers, drink plenty. Enjoy the free show that women portray in skimy summer outfits :)...that'll take your mind off stuff!
  8. 7k on the clock, SE black + MMedia + automatic, had the car since Nov 05. NO rattle for 7 months. started some occasional rattle if i press my left leg against the main board but overall very/hyper quiet (which is why you can hear occasional plastic squeak or even the tread on your wheels :)) and lovely at high speeds!
  9. Now that is bllooming useful. I'm going to try it out now. :)
  10. I';ve driven 3500 miles...over 6 months and intiially I had 2 small stone chips, then i decided to profesionally seal and polish the car 4-6 times... have maybe 1 minor chip. I do try to drive far from lorries, and speeding cars in front..though
  11. i have the same problem on my is250SE....but it comes and goes so quickly, when its on 20 degrees. The halford can spray trick is good. My pollen filter is clean so i reckon its all that rain we're having
  12. that'll be low beam and fogs on for me please
  13. Love the New IS to bits. Sentimental about old 99 IS200 but the upgrade in all departments is def the best. Feels like going forwards in the Lex direction