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  1. 'foooooooookin' is not a swear word LOL
  2. hmm new battery same problem somins not right :( will take to garage :( just before i want to sell this happens lol sods foooookin law
  3. its had the induction kit on for about a year and never had a problem iv noticed the battery is fuked 2 as its completely dead now i had to charge it other day as well so i think because iv left it on my drive for a bit its just completely died hopefully new battery will solve all problems hehe
  4. car was 16k with 55k on the clock best part is the idrive it controls EVERY THING down to every light and door lock setting colour was somin black there is 2 black colours ones jet black and mine is black with a blue tint, looks very nice :) both are metallic i think
  5. iv added this big induction kit with a mushroom filter on the end maybe this might need cleaning lol could be restricting air ill give it all a good clean ne way :)
  6. ah yeah could get it serviced i guess hehe
  7. its a 2.5litre diesel so only 8sec 0-60 but a nice 55mpg on the motorway which i like as i do alot of motorway driving
  8. had never driven a auto before its so easy and lazy JUST LIKE ME i love it haha
  9. gone to the dark side hehe got a 525 SPORT :) comes with media pack so got full satnav and bluetooth and all sorts of **** on the idrive system full black leather
  10. my is200 is bit fooked it wont catch the revs so every time i dip the clutch it just stalls and when u start it idles VERY low engine is literally just ticking over does this sound like a sensor fault? what normally catches the revs when low and keeps the engine alive? thanks :)
  11. hahaha i was waitin for this to hit the iphone the web version makes millions of dollars a month
  12. i got to the point i could tap the clutch to change gear LOL and when they put the new one in first thing i did was stall :( LOL was not used to having a biting clutch, was used to just dumping it and waitin 3min for the car to move hahaha
  13. mine had been dyin for 6months lol, got to the point were i could red line in 6th on the motorway but only doing 60mph LOL got one off ebay for £140 seams to do the job blueprint or somin
  14. hehe thanx buddy been a busy boy so aint been around much idle control value sounds like a good place to start tho lol
  15. when the car is cold, some times when i come to lights or a junction and press the clutch in and the revs drop, the car does not seam to catch them and the car stalls any idea why it would not catch low revs when cold is this a dodgy sensor? its a 99 is200 S thanks :)
  16. whole time i watched that i just wanted them to get there tits out lol
  17. ^^^^^ that was a joke by the way LOL ^^^^^^
  18. look yeh lol me language aint dat bad :P innit bruv hahahah :)
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