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  1. Hi I bought the strathern blue in dec 2002 I have to wash it every weekend at the mo last car I had was silver washed it every month its costing me £4.00 a week at the mo roll on the summer
  2. What a F-----n ****** go kick his head in.
  3. Hi I bought my is200 in Dec I have the same prob I phoned Lexus and they are sending me the new cd when its out should be soon I hope. Its easy to get it out/in no probs do it yourself
  4. Hi last night my sat nav would not work after a while playing with it I noticed that I had a cap on the back parcel shelf I took it of and it seams to be working again. Will this cap have stoped the signal reaching the system.
  5. Ye Ha I will have some of that dont know why Lexus have not done this.
  6. My sat nav has version 2001 v1 does anyone have 2002 version or is this one not available yet
  7. I have been told that Edinburgh has one of the cheepest servicing in Britan Lets find out what the servicing costs are around the country. Can we start at the first service 10,000 miles + upwards Edinburgh 10,000 miles £92
  8. Hi go to lexus edinburgh you will get tints for £75
  9. Hi count me in for a full set. Are they easy to fit anyone know how to do it
  10. Can anyone tell me if they have the same problem as me with condinsation on all the windows or is this me that cant work the heating system. What are the best setting for this type of system