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  1. I am selling my is200 s it's black on a 2001 x plate it's had cambelt changed and water pump all new brakes discs and pads vented and grooved also it's got brand new bc coilovers the bonnet and roof are carbon wrapped and the car is in mint condition if you would like pics I will send them to you 07787296826
  2. Got myself a mk4 escort for winter that way I won't smash my lexus up or kill it with the salt on the roads best way I think
  3. Sorry for rubbish post but if I can get this to work I will upload a full run down of my is
  4. It is fella the one with the little red badge in the middle
  5. Yep but that depends on your car colour mite be around £140 for back door to to blend colour into make sure they are good and have got a spray booth swell also it's cheaper the more you have painted so if they are other bots you are not happy with get the sorted same time will save lots in long run hope this helps
  6. So I have not been robbed then on price don't know which to keep that or sport grill will have to trial fit and see best
  7. I'm a paint sprayer in Doncaster it depends on your colour also as it would need to be blended into the next panel but black or White would just need the single panel painting we do a full side for £200 cash or £80 a panel
  8. I just got hold of one of these and wanted to know if it's worth keeping for myself or sell to buy more extras for my motor I have looked on eBay and there is one on there at £220 is this right or way over the odds
  9. Thanks for pm lexus stereo help me loads fella will have a look for some now I think
  10. I know this is a question asked alot on here but I can't find this size in wheel guide will merc Amg rims go on my is200 the sizes are 18 x 8.5j and my tyres are 225 40 18 and the offset is 35 et how much arch work will need to be done or will I get away with just putting 215 40 18 on I know the pcd is wrong at 5x112 but wobble bolts are the order of the day I think please help as I love the look of these rims
  11. Cheers for that well think I will have to change bits to upgrade for better sounds cheers for help
  12. Cheers for that where are the other two speakers on sport that are not on mine ?
  13. Also if it's different are the wires already there but just need the amp and sub connecting to them
  14. I have just got myself an is200 s and I wanted to know does it come with the sub and amp the same as the se or sport versions
  15. mouseis200


    I would wrap it up and box it for you but you would have to sort out your own post etc fella text back its a lot easier
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