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  1. sorry guys....... just find out that the mr2 oil cooler won't fit..... since the 1G engine use a larger size oil filter than the 4AG engine.......
  2. actually i got a second hand TRUST oil cooler off a MR2 on ebay.... they say it will fit onto a 4AGE engine.... i don't know will it fit or not..... i will get it install on monday hope the sandwich plate will fit the oil filter.....
  3. hi guys, i bought a TRUST oil cooler kit for my is200 i just want to know anyone installed an oil cooler onto their is200 b4? and does anyone know where is the oil filter located on the is200?
  4. i have got extractors done on the car..... and also i have change to hiflow cat....... my mechnice said that he tried to clean the o2 sensors already.. but the problem still occurs....... i hope the problem will go away soon........ the car will be in the workshop for the weekends.......
  5. hi guys....... anyone had this problem with their is200 b4? 2days ago..... my car seems very sluggish at low rev....... and yesterday when i was taking my car to my mechnice.... the car just stall at low rev........ the car stall when it was rolling at 60km/h, and i need to stop the car and wait for 15-30sec for the car to start again....... when i goto the mechnice...... he found there was no error code on the ECU..... but he found that the car is running fine for 15min or so....... then it start to run very rich...... and then it just stall..... he tries to clean the o2 sensors and did a fuel injection clean..... but the problem still occurs....... does anyone know whats wrong with my car? anyone had this problem b4? pls help
  6. yep..... same with my car.... usually it will take 1-2 full tank for the fuel consumption to come down....... so..... don't reset the ECU all the time
  7. hi, does anyone know is there 3 oxygen sensor in is200? 2 at the exhaust manifold and 1 after the cat convertor my mechnice was telling me that the one after the cat convertor is a tempeture sensor not an oxygen sensor..... is that true?
  8. yeah is200 fuel filter is inside the fuel tank but lexus changed the filter for me during 80,000km servicing....
  9. try get a injector clean done..... i had very rough idel b4..... my cat convertor was overheating so i went for a injectors clean.... the guy told me that 4/6 injectors were leaking fuel into the engine at idle after the guy fixed my injectors the idle is much more stable
  10. i found that your fuel consumption will go up for at least 1 tank of fuel after resetting the ECU but after finishing the first or second tank, then u will feel the fuel consumption slowly go down so thats why you shouldn't reset the ECU too often.... because the benifit only kick in after a few tank of high fuel consumption driving
  11. it suppose to join back to the induction pipe or u can connect to a oil breather tank
  12. hi guys......... i drive an auto is200..... done around 60k KM in it..... i just like to warn everybody DO NOT USE fuel additive you buy in the local auto parts shop......... i used to buy a bottle of "injectors cleaner or fuel system cleaner" once every 2 or 3months. yesterday, i went to my exhuast shop to check on my exhaust..... they found that the high flow cat i have been using is overheating, and i have replaced a new one. so they recommanded me to this injectors workshop......... they found that 4/6 injectors were leaking fuel into the engine after the engine have stop and the car was running very rich because of the fail injectors the guy told me never use those cheap injectors cleaners or fuel systems cleaners that you can buy in the auto parts shop. my car feel much more smoother now, and at idel the car is very quite
  13. hi, anyone here tried using apexi Hayabusa muffler on is200? any good? is it really loud?
  14. can someone tell me will the altezza mid pipe fit is200? my friend's apexi exhuast is a real cat back exhaust which include the mid pipe, not like the normal is200 performance muffler which does not include the mid pipe. i want to know does the mid pipe for altezza fit the is200? i know the altezza have exhaust manifold on the left (if you are under the car facing the front) and is200 have manifold on the right, i know the cat converson pipe is quite different, does anyone know is the mid pipe or the resonator pipe is the same on the is200 and altezza.