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  1. Yes mate, its entered in a show locally tomorrow so ill have a couple of pics for you from there!
  2. Prolex probably do em mate, I managed to pick mine up in our very own for sale section on here. Keep your eyes peeled, oh and on ebay too! Harry
  3. Full TRD kit, came on it from the factory. Its on TTE Coilovers, no idea how low but ive wound it down almost as far as it goes!
  4. Headlights & foglights were a custom job by myself. Tail lights I bought, they are from the later is200's. I love the dark against silver theme, real nice contrast. @ Maz786, ya wouldn't need to copy, im sure you could do a nicer job yourself! I did all this on a VERY tight budget with being a student, if I had a good paying job it would be much nicer with split width works, turbo kit etc etc...
  5. Very smart indeed, colour combo works nicely. Loving the engine bay, your giving me ideas!
  6. cheers guys, I love it too, if only I had the cash to supercharge it id love it a whole lot more. Speedramps aren't toooo bad when taken with care, however as soon as anyones in the back theres no mission, have got beached before :(
  7. Cheers, oh and everyone, notice my spoiler arrived at last and is on. Theres always a happy ending :)
  8. A couple of pictures showing how its sitting at present. Let me know what you all think, honestly lol... Only other bits and pieces in my head are to get the rear number plate surround back on and some sort of plain black rubber splitter on the front.
  9. x3, im interested if you get any info on this chaps.
  10. Picture whore! :P Nice work, probably the first thing I did to my car when I got it after a damn good scrubbing. Did you mean to paint the brake pads yeah? I had black hammerite too and sanded down the rear drums to get rid of the paint flaking etc, makes the brakes all look like new behind nice new wheels :)
  11. I need a Gearknob as the lady who owned mine before scratched it to bits with her rings. So if you have one in excellent condition ill have it depending on price. What colour is the bootlid, and how much? :) Also if you have an abs sensor lieing around, I need a Drivers side front. Thanks Harry
  12. Well the new spoiler is of almost the same style so any scratches or damage to the paint when removing the standard one should be hidden. Ah well, ill give it a blast and see what happens. Haven't even got the darn thing yet anyway.
  13. How would I go about removing it? Heat and a lot of serious prying or something!? don't fancy changing bootlids as im funny about paint matching and stuff... would drive me insane with any imperfections.
  14. Hi all, when or if my new spoiler ever arrives I intend on sticking it on myself. Tried searching this topic but found no real results. Ive looked in the inside of the bootlid and removed the two 10mm nuts on each end but it still feels fairly solid on the bootlid. Has anyone removed one from their car that could shed some light, im hoping its not bonded on or else it looks like ill have very little chance of getting it off! Thanks all Harry
  15. No way man, don't do it! If you do ill have to send the boys round to remove your poor Lexus from you.
  16. Got a reply there, apparently its been collected and should be with me on Friday. All being well this is the case :) Cheers chaps!
  17. nope nothing yet, tried another pm there incase they were full and hes emptied them. Cheers Lee.
  18. Via an online bank transfer. Not really sure of the ins and outs with getting money back on that. Im hoping its something silly and hes maybe been away. Anyone here been shafted before by him?
  19. No joy as yet and I have no parts. Anyone bought from him the past still have his no.? Harry
  20. I haven't done mine yet but I don't see why you would need to remove the crank pulley? Surely just loosen off the tensioner and slip the belt off. Wouldnt have thought it necessary to remove the radiator either to be honest, looks like theres just enough room to work.
  21. thats a really gorgeous shade of anthracite.. Don't suppose you know the paint code? :)
  22. hmmm.. ill give that a go and see what turns up! Thanks.
  23. As the title pretty much says, its regarding buying off him through the forum. I've lost his email address and I think either his pm's are full or he isn't getting them. So if anyone has a number they would kindly like to pass my way it would be much appreciated! Cheers Harry
  24. On both the edges of all the pads sand off the sharp lip as thats whats rubbing on the outside and inside of worn disc rim. We get people complaining of this all the time, 9/10 it cures it. Oh and as previously stated, grease em up good so they are nice and free.
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