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  1. Thanks for all the replys guys i will do that.
  2. The trouble is i dont want to drive the car as it feels very dangerous
  3. About 3 months ago i changed my track rod arms/ends on both sides & then carried out a steering geometry. Since then i have had a problem with the car pulling left and right when driving along so much it has become dangerous to drive. I have had 3 steering geo's done and after a week of them being done it starts pulling left and right again. Can anyone shed any light on this as the car has become an expensive ornament in my garage? :tsktsk:
  4. This car is getting stranger by the minute. I have changed the relay and still the same. I am going to take it to a Lexus dealer but has anyone in the south east used a lexus dealer that has found the cue to this?
  5. Yeah i was planning on changing the relay but Lexus want stupid money for it. Has anyone got a spare one that i could purchase?
  6. So has anyone found a definite problem for the lights staying on?
  7. Hi ya guys me again, i have done as you said and i have had the car running for about 30 min the heater is hot and hasnt overheated. The only question i have is the pipe at the bottom of the rad is still cold! is this suppose to hot like the top one?
  8. Hi The trouble is i have no coolant in it and the nearest hill is quite a way from here. Can you bleed it with the heaters on, and on a flat surface?
  9. Hi ya guys, i have just changed the radiator on my IS200. I now need to fill the coolant system & bleed can someone talk me through the process?
  10. Hi ya Guys, Just wondering if anyone has any IS200 parts in Granite Sky? My car is looking a bit tatty so looking to get some bits for it. PM me if you do Thanks
  11. Hi ya everyone, Just wondered if anyone had a Radiator that they wanted to get rid of. Mine has sprung a leak and the car is off the road so need to get it sorted as soon as possible. Let me know Thanks Si
  12. Hi ya, I have been looking through ebay to find a radiator how comes there are so many different versions and what is the best one to go for?
  13. Well i have a problem with the throttle, that when change gear the revs stick at about 3500 RPM. I have cleaned it out and while cleaning it noticed that when i turn the valve to open the throttle the spring on the inner section starts rattling around. I dont know what else it could be.
  14. I am looking for the complete throttle body and have spoken to Lexus and they are looking for a stupid amount of money. Can anyone help?
  15. Hi I am having a problem with my IS200 that when i take my foot off the clutch there is a strange noise coming from the gearbox. If i put my foot on the clutch it stops!! Can anyone tell me what this is and what i will need to stop this from happening?
  16. Hi everyone I have been having the same problem, i recently had a new windscreen replaced by Autoglass once i had read the forum i took it back to Autoglass to get them to re-seal the windscreen. Since then i have still had the problem and after a lot of studying and messing about i think i have solved it. I took the drivers side kick panel out and took the plug out that runs the instrument panel (2nd up from bottom on the left). I noticed that the connector was green, i have sprayed some contact cleaner on the plug and the FLSH relay that sits behind the connector and it seems to have cured the problem. I will let you know if it happens again. If any one needs any pics or wiring diagrams then PM me.
  17. It was replaced about a month ago
  18. Did anyone find the cause of the problem?
  19. Hi everyone, Right well i need some help!! I am having a problem with the headlamp relay on my IS200, it seems to be going mad. I left my car parked up last weekend and went back to it on monday and my battery had gone flat, i jump started it and ever since the relay has been going mad and the light wont turn off unless i pull the relay out. Has anyone got any ideas of what is causing this as i have changed the relay and it exactly the same????
  20. Thanks mate. Do you know anywhere in the south east that i can get them fitted?
  21. I took them of my RX-8 they are 18x8 with an offset of 50.
  22. Well i am thinking of going gor the Eibach springs which lower it by 30mm, do you think they will rub? What you think front and rear?
  23. I have a set of 18"s on standard IS200 SE springs and want to know how low i can lower it by?
  24. Sorry all new to this and have no idea what to go for, have you got any idea what is best?
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