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  1. oh i seeeeeeee!! Did wonder why it turned up!! Nice touch that guys, thank you !! (didn't expect it either, which made it even more pleasant!)
  2. Wasn't expecting it, and yesterday got home to a nice shiney black Lexus Owner's Club mug !! What's the special occasion? I didn't order it....!?(I think!??) Thanks though!!! T
  3. oh i can upload 1 pic, all the words etc. etc. and it all look nice. what i do see though is other adverts with more than 1 pic, and with the ability to enlarge the pics aswell. That's what i don't know what to do!!! Thanks for comments though - are appreciated !!!
  4. HELP!!! Trying to place an ad for my car on Autotrader, and I can't work out how to do multi photos like everyone else on the site seems to be able to do! I'm doing only 2 weeks on web for £15, no magazine at all. Any ideas anyone ?!
  5. cheers guys......gonna hunt out all the suggestions on the internet and take a look!!!!! Very much appreciated!
  6. Thanks very much!!! We did the storehouse last time, and it was good fun, but no reason to do it again. Was thinking of the Jamesons one, I think that's nearby isn't it? Really looking forward to it. Quality idea about the sports thinks I'm there!!! I'm going v early next Thursday, and returning late the following day
  7. Hi all I'm going to Dublni next thursday and friday. Went there a few weeks ago (for Paddy's day :)) :luck: :luck: :luck: and did all the tourist stuff while we were there (Guinness factory, Zoo etc). This time when I go back I'm staying with a girl I met when I was over there and we plan to have a nice couple of days. Any suggestions on what cool stuff to do? This girl lives just outside Dublin, but used to live in England and is best mates with a very good friend of mine (how come we met in Dublin in the first place!!!) Anyhow......any ideas anyone!?!? All comments appreciated! Thanks Me PS: Things like great places to take her for a meal, for example!?!?
  8. oh you mean with the levelling controller (for when you load up your boot?) Good thinking Batman! Thanks guys
  9. Please don't take this in an argumentative way, but do you really think a £35k 4x4 off-road vehicle (think what it's truly designed for!) should have alloy wheels that
  10. Hello :) Not any good at go-karting are you? If so....go away.....if not, hi, how you doin !!?? (this is a joke by the way and should not be taken seriously!) You'll love it here, it's a warm and friendly place!
  11. doh! black yucky stickers it is I guess! Many thanks Tony
  12. Hi guys, Nipping over to France soon, and just wondering if my 2001 IS200 has got a way of changing the headlights so they don't dazzle other drivers? Maybe a manual switch on the light itself or something like that? Otherwise it's those nasty black patches I guess!!!!?? Thanks for any advice Tony
  13. I think that costs $20 though, doesn't it?
  14. sorry to keep bugging you guys, but is this the 3-stage you all keep talking about ? Many thanks Tony