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  1. Hello, I'm really interested in the aux adapter for my is 200. I hope it will be ready soon. Dario
  2. Hello, is it possible to turn off the dimmer light from the sat nav screen. In Italy we must keep the car lights on during the day and the sat-nav screen become nearly invisible. Thanx
  3. Hello, I've fixed the blue screen problem very easily, just pull out and unplug the sat-nav, unscrew the 4 screws behind the screen, unlock and pull out the mylar strip, clean the contacts and lock it again. Dario
  4. Sat nav problem fixed :P I've just unplugged the mylar strip, cleaned the contacts and now everything is fine. You need just to unlock the mylar strip before pulling it out. Saved 2000 Euro.
  5. Hi Geoffres, yes, it changes when I tilt the screen, I think that the problem is in the Mylar strip, because the same thing happened with my laptop computer. I will check this wire asap. It should be great to have the possibility to replace this wire, I'm not sure to be able to repair it. Dario
  6. Hello, the screen of my sat nav cd of my '99 is200 is not working properly, some times is in black and white, or blu or red and after opening it several times is in colour again. I've read in a previous post that the reason is due to a defective wire. I would like to know if it's possible to find this wire as a replacement or I need to replace the sat nav just for a wire I want to thank you all for this great and helpful forum. Regards. Dario
  7. Great news, today I've discovered that in here in Italy they have extended the radio warranty up to 5 years. Thumbs up for lexus!
  8. How much they ask in france to repair the cd? unfortunately I cannot change my radio because of the sat nav :tsktsk:
  9. Hello, I've bought another is 200 '99 radio in internet but unfortunately it has the same err3 problem In Italy it's out of warranty and I need to pay for repairing 410 euro, maybe in England there is somebody that can repair the radio for a more reasonable price. I've told to lexus Italy that in a civilized country like England lexus give 5 years warranty for the radio but they don't care...... thanx for helping me. Dario
  10. Thanx, I've cheched and unfortunately the plugs are different, it doesn't fit with my lexus '99. the repair costs are about 250 euro here.
  11. I live in Italy and I really hope that here too have extended the warranty to 5 years, I keep my finger crossed. Thanx for the info. Dario
  12. unfortunately my car is may 99, out of warranty.....I don't understand why it's impossible to upgrade with an aftermarket car stereo if you have the sat nav, I've bought the facia plate to fit my alpine minidisk and today I've discovered that this is impossible.
  13. Hello, I'm looking for a second hand is 200 radio unit, mine is broken :-( err3, the cd mechanism is gone. I cannot put an aftermarket one coz' my cd sat nav doesn't work without the original unit. :duh: help please! Dario
  14. Hello, I'm looking for a France and UK nav cd for my lexus IS200, I don't care if it's not the last update. Thanx
  15. Hello, I've bought a second hand is200 year 99 with sat nav and I would like to improve the sound system with my alpine 5ch amp, a subwoofer and new speakers. Does the is200 has a separate power amp that can be easily replaced and can I keep the voice of the sat nav? Thank you for any help. Dario
  16. Many thanx, I've found it at Autosys.com. It costs 33 USD plus 50 USD for shipping costs.
  17. Hello, next week I'll buy a second hand is200, blu met. nav system and I would like to put my alpine minidisk andmulticd changer and 5 ch amp. Is there an address in internet where I can buy a facia plate? Sorry for my poor English. Dario ( Italy)