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  1. Hi, Sorry if asked before, but I've looked on different forums and couldn't find the answer. Does anyone know if this IS-F grille will fit a regular 2011 IS without having to do modifications?
  2. Thanks for your response Steve! I would have preferred the is250 any time over the diesel, I love it. Unfortunately because of the high co2 emissions/KW and the reformed car taxes in Belgium this would have cost me 5 times what the diesel costs in road taxes and registration. I hope with the new IS they do a better job in emissions and KW, like bmw (only 360 euro registration for a new 328i, used to be 2500!). I drive a lot to Berlin which is 6h autobahn and it's crazy to be overtaken at 200kmh (top) by regular avensis, ford focus, etc.
  3. I'm a 2011 is200d owner, and have previously owned a is220d. As it has the same engine, would there be any easy way to improve the 150hp of the is200d , to the 177hp of the is220d? (anyone knows of it being a simple restrictor to bypass?) I really miss the difference in power, and can't believe the low top speed.
  4. Is it just me or is the IS200 just extremely sensitive to sidewind? When I drive on the highway and its windy the wind really give the car pushes left and right and its annoying to drive. I drive about 80mph and I see other simple cars like mondeos, skodas, getting past me without any hassle.
  5. yeah but i don't want too many costs and it's only the front speakers that doesnt sound good enough for me.. and i want too keep the original head unit too i hope it's not too difficult :) Also, do you know if the depth of the doorpanels is deep enough? I just wanna hop the old ones out and replace them with new speakers without having to build any holders because they won't fit or the magnet is too long..
  6. Hi, Is it possible to just replace my front speakers with a DLS ur6 composet on the existing amp? I've read some things about it would sound worser because of something.... please explain if possible :) thanks
  7. is this competition only for uk members? Because I live in Belgium. If not can you extend the competion untill the 25th? :) I just found this topic that's why greetings
  8. Doesn't this increase visibility then? It's probably not allowed here but if every car in the US is like that... Any idea how the plugs are different?
  9. Actually most of them don't have HID's, but anyway it's only the housing I would buy. I'm from Belgium so that's the same side they dip. So the plugs are the problem..
  10. I'm thinking about ordering a set of headlights from ebay USA so let me know if there is no difference in fitment :)
  11. I'm looking at buying an eibach pro-kit lowering springs for my car. It's an IS200. I want to order them from ebay USA; but they only sell the is300 springs. Are they the same as the is200 springs? They do have a different part nr on the eibach website let me know please thanks
  12. Anyone else that can tell me if it is really less good if I put a 225 tyre on it? Im going to buy a new set of tyres this weekend. Anyone knows a tyre that is wellknown for low driving noise?
  13. why cant i take HR? my is200 is an auto so i cant go over 205kmh anyway bump
  14. why cant i take HR? my is200 is an auto so i cant go over 205kmh anyway
  15. Hi, I wanna order a new set of tires, for the original 17" 5 spoke rims. (is200) I found that the tire size is 215/45HR17 Now i was thinking, I just had my rims repainted, can I take a wider tire, so it is wider than the rim and I have less risc to have curb damage?
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