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  1. just bought one last night in white. Full LExus history from car giant in west london. I love Lexus and didnt take into account the bad reviews on the net. Suits me down to a T. Love it. Got all the trimmings too. When buying make sure you get the flip out sta nav if you at looking for one. The "advance" models comes with the ****y built-in tom tom sat nav. And not as nice to use as the normal ones.
  2. hi does anyone know where i can get a complete rear suspention for is200 and how much anyone know any good scrap yards?
  3. When drving the car it feels lumpy like im driving on rocks...
  4. hi guys i know it been a while, but i managed to get my car (by driving it) to my local japaenese specialist. JAPEX in Herts. They have had a look and told me that it cant be repaired at there place and it has to go to a speicalist bodyshop. It may cost well over £1k to be repaired. they also told me that apart from the damage the car is a good car and up - to - date with servicing etc. Do you think i should get it repaired. The only thing he told me was that everthing underneath seems to be twisted and will be more then replaceing just an arm. Im in two minds whether to scrap it or not.
  5. i think it would be cheaper to get a used one from ebay
  6. is it worth getting it repaired or buying a used of ebay?
  7. would anyone have a rought estimate how much to get the alloy repaired also?
  8. while we are on this topi. As you can see from the pics i have the standard 17" rims. Does anyone know what tyre pressure (psi) i should have for each tyre?
  9. i think maybe that i filled the wheels with 38 psi for each wheel. that may have added to the problem
  10. would you know where i can get from one and how much it would cost?
  11. as you can see in the pics i took the damaged alloy off to put the spare wheels
  12. Hi Guys. I lost control on this morning on the schools run. The road was pretty frosty and when i attempted to press the brakes the car slide and hit the other side of the kerb really badly. I manged to drop my kid of to school but when driving back the steering wheel was not straight. When I finally got home i realized that the alloy was badly damaged and the actual wheel itself was not straight. The other 3 wheels are OK though. Please see the pics. Is this an easy job to fix?
  13. what about for android and windows mobile users?
  14. Hi Noreen. Whats size tyre did you buy and how much?