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  1. Mine made such a difference you'd think it's a different car. One of the best 100 quid I've ever spent... just wish I'd done it sooner.
  2. Well, I went down on Friday to see Tony, and then spent the weekend driving around with a silly grin on my face. Talk about a different car! 2 new rear tyres, sparkplugs, front brakes and the geometry sorted means the car goes around roundabouts like its on rails. I've twice nearly hit the roundabout itself near the apex of the turn... usually I have to compensate for the car drifting to the left at the middle of the manouver but now the car is point and shoot. Brilliant! The only dampener is the OSF wheel bearing was found to be failing (not the caliper squeaking at I thought originally), and it seems I was royally stitched up by the mechanic who did the last service... sub-standard spark plugs, brake pads and front discs. Not happy with that, but getting the discs and bearing sorted at the 2000 mile checkup. Thanks Tony for sorting the geometry out, and thanks too to the guys at Kiplings for everything else. Can't wait for the next service... Cheers
  3. Booked in next Friday for new tyres, brakes, possible rear caliper, ECU check and of course the geometry setup. Looking forward to breathing a bit of life into the car for a change!
  4. Thanks Tony... I'll wait for your quote, and then arrange a time to visit you.
  5. I'll give him a call now, thanks BTW, very jealous of all your nice shiny cars... mine was like that once, but 2 kids and no money later, it's got dings and scratches all over the place... very sad but if you ain't got the money...
  6. Hi Please could you tell me the "right" time to come and visit you? My bog-standard '00 IS200SE has brake problems (probably needs new pads all round, maybe rear discs, and OSR caliper), wears the inside of both front tyres (although there newish and OK at the moment), and is nearly due for new rear tyres. I want a geometry check, but also the brakes sorted. Is it best to come in and see you now, wait and get new rear tyres, or get the brakes done, or some other combination? Also would you be able to give me a quote for all the work please? Cheers Dave
  7. Aah...Good idea. Didn't think of that one!
  8. I always assumed the other sensor was for the built in satnav. If that's not the case, where is the satnav one?
  9. I have a W/2000 IS200 and if I press the lock button once, I only get 1 flash... maybe mine's faulty? I had to laugh at the cheesecake incident too, as I've done exactly the same thing but my wife was holding a very heavy and fancy wedding cake with loads of spindly decorations and flowers coming out the top of it... she wasn't best pleased...
  10. thanks for the warning. Who knew that standard sizes would be so different...
  11. Thanks for the thought, but I live near Brighton on the south coast. Found this link http://www.tayna.co.uk/item/1832/0/prod.htm 60 AH battery for £67.24 delivered... can't be too bad. Dave
  12. Sounds exactly the same as Tango's problem. Voltmeter shows around 13.5 and if I put all the electrics on I can find, then rev the engine, i see the voltmeter going up. New battery it is then! Anyone know what sort of cost they are?
  13. I use tesco all the time, the car seems to run better on it than BP Esso et al. and I alwways get 400+ miles to a tank... why do you ask? Dave http://uk.news.yahoo.com/01032007/325/cont...vestigated.html Ah thanks, just looked it up... no, I don't think this is the problem, it's not a problem once the car is running, it's getting it started in the first place. Electrical rather than fuel problem. I'm wondering if after 80k miles, there's anything in the electrical system that starts to routinely wear out... alternator, battery etc, or whether this is a specific electrical fault on my car. Dave
  14. I use tesco all the time, the car seems to run better on it than BP Esso et al. and I alwways get 400+ miles to a tank... why do you ask? Dave
  15. Hi My 2000/W reg is200 has suddenly developed a problem when starting. Sometimes it's fine, other times it's like the battery is dead and it won't even turn over. Last week I drove 160 miles of motorway, stopped at the local petrol station on the way home, filled up and when I tried to start the car it wouldn't. I bumped it and drove 1 mile home, left it overnight and tried starting it in the morning and it worked fine. I've also tried charging the battery overnight and it turns over and starts really quickly, drive a couple of miles (no electrical stuff on, not even the radio), park and stop the engine, try again 5 mins later and it's dead. Is it likely to be just the battery, or is there something else wrong? Cheers Dave