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  1. lol. i totally forgot about this post. just came back from switzland... I will post up pics of what i have and quantity tonight. Sorry for the inconvience. :P
  2. lol £20? £15? i really can't remember how much i paid it in the past
  3. Direct Line charged me £50.00 on top of my insurance for the supercharger. thought they were quite good already?
  4. Bought these ages ago from LOC (can't remember from who) but never got a chance to fit them £25.00 Posted. (I don't know how much they worth now) but if its too high. feel free to slap me :P
  5. Provisional SOLD. Pending for payment Car is back to standard now in the engine bay. think i will leave all the other LED goodies in the car for the new owner. For Example,
  6. I am wozza, i am going away this thursday till next tuesday to switzland. i will see if i can pop over and say hello when i get back :)
  7. Sorry about putting it in the wrong section and thanks for putting it right. I have limited time to access the internet now :-S I will PM you my number mate! for fuel economy, i think it went better, I can do 430 miles out of a tank (driving sensibily) just before the light come up. I am not in MK at the moment thou, i have moved to Kent recently, but if you are really interested, we can always arrange a meet up point :)
  8. Decided to put the car back to standard. TTE Supercharger for sale. Offer Please. Can arrange test drive before I remove the kit. Thanks for looking
  9. Those from the welcome pack 4x small black background 1x medium black background and 1x large gold sticker they all say Lexus Owners Club. let me know if you wants them.
  10. Make: Lexus Model: IS200 SE Year: 2005 Engine: TTE Supercharged I am not good at making any spec list, most of the forum user should know the standard spec of the car already. Mileage: 53500 Miles (Mostly Motorway. I am a surveyor, should not go further up now) Full Lexus Service History Full Leather Interior Front new Carpet (not included in photo and its still in its package) Full LED Interior Kit LED Wing Mirrors Philips HID 6000K (35W Ballast) Fog Light HID 3000K (55W Ballast) New Brake Pads all round a month ago TTE Supercharger Fitted in Manchester MOT: 10 Months Road Tax: End of Sept (If buyer meets my asking price, I shall include a full year Tax) Asking Price: PM for offer please Thanks for Looking :) Photos are quite big. rather than killing the site, i will post the link only
  11. the money goes into their own pocket! lol so in the case of me selling the car (05 reg), the expected value will be really low because it sits right on the top of the road tax band... thats kind of silly to me. but we can only follow what the government says. Time to consider and move out the country :P
  12. Looks like I was getting the wrong information then. the document is at home so i will post it up when i get home. just came across this site is it just for this year or till they announce the budget again?
  13. I am not 100% sure about this but can't find any related articles on the net So, hope the big family here will help me out :) Congestion charge applies on easter monday? If it is, then i am poping on the train! lol
  14. I missed the bear completely! but.. i got the passes for the black team thou :S
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