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  1. I go through mobile phones like other people go through newspapers and will be replacing my current version with a new iPhone next week. Problem is that all my presets are used up on the is250. I've checked the handbook but no go, any advice on how I can clear a space?
  2. Could not agree more. I got an IS250 SE Auto with MM in January this year and I still give a little smile to myself when I get in it for the slog to work and the slog home. But a few weeks ago I took it throught the tunnel and zipped through France to the Belgian coast. I came away from the motorways and used a lot of twisty 'b' roads and I have to say the car handled like dream. Now the engine has loosened up a little it shifts like sh*t of a shovel and, unless I imagined it, other drivers seemed to give the car respect as they gave way on narrow roads, there is something about that shape. Go for it.
  3. Hi Chaps Driving through France and Belgium this coming weekend in the IS 250 and seem to remmeber reading that I do not need to mask headlamps to prevent headlamp dazzle to foreign johnnys who insist on driving on the wrong side of the road. Anyone gen me up?
  4. Another 6' 4" Driver here. I set the seat down as far as it will go, front and rear and go back about a third, I like to sit close to the wheel. No problems whatsover, Feel as snug as a bug in a rug. Great car, had it since February this year, just gets better and better.
  5. We collected the New IS250 SE on Saturday 6th Jan '06. Solid Black, Grey Leather, Auto with Multimedia. Great Hand over from the Lexus Centre, the guy really knew his stuff, took his time to explain things and go back over one or two things that did not stick, mainly on Sat Nav. First impressions are that this is one of the best cars I have been in. It has quality just dripping from every part of it, from the comfort of the cabin to the seamless welds under the bonnet. Start up is akin to a large cat purring that then lapses into silence, with only the flicker from the instruments indicating that the engine is running. A smooth take up from the gearbox takes us on to the Chertsey By Pass and we are soon up to the legal limit with our conversation being carried out in a normal tone. Having put on well over 350 miles over the weekend in some pretty foul weather, I can say that this car is a joy to drive and I look forward to many more miles of Lexus Motoring. On a more practical point. I purchased a cable to connect my ipod to the sound system and have found that if you put the ipod in a leather carry case and put it in the cup holder forward of the sliding arm rest void, it sits very snuggly, at the perfect angle, so that you can operate it easily and that you can slide the arm rest shut, locking the cable, which further adds to the stability of the ipod, perfect.
  6. Hi Folks Dealer has just phoned to say that my new IS 250 SE Auto is in and I can collect this Saturday, a week early! I used to run an IS 200 which I had from new. It was a dream to drive and I actually looked forward to the drive to the office and home again. I chopped after three years and went into a new Honda Accord 2.4 Exec. Very nice car, takes of like a jet. My wife was NOT happy when the 200 went and was delighted when I placed the order for the 250. This is the first time I have ever ordered the same marque twice. If you see a new 250 in black in the Twickenham area on Saturday with the driver wering a stupid grin, it will be me.
  7. The dealer phoned me the other day to say my IS 250 SE, Auto, Multemedia, Solid Astral Black, Sussex Grey Leather seating, will be with him on 5th Jan. I will be able to collect a few days later, will probably plump for Saturday 13th. Do you think mine was on the same boat as yours? Ahh, Twins !!
  8. Spot on my friend, it is 225/cm3, sorry about that, agree with your sentiments.
  9. The announcement by the Mayor of London that all vehicles with a Co2 footprint of 250 and above will pay £25 a day to enter the zone, caused me to check the Co2 rate for the IS250 Auto I have just ordered. Relief all round as figure given by Lexus and DVLA is 214. Upon checking for the manual version I was shocked to see a figure of 231, bringing in to the £25 banding. Anyone care to check my figures and report back?
  10. Thanks for those kind words, I'll keep you posted. Not sure about the nail varnish Winny, I could not get my head up high enough to check because of the ball and chain.
  11. Hi Folks The order went in today for a new IS 250 SE Auto with Multimedia, in Solid Black. Delivery has been quoted at 12 weeks. It's not my first new Lexus. Five years ago I took delivery of an IS 200 SE Auto with Sat Nav and replaced it 2 years and 6 months ago (company policy) for a Honda Accord 2.4 with all the bells and whistles. I fancied something a bit different and it has been a very nice car but there is no contest with the 250, it beats all the competition, hands down. At least now I'll stop getting it in the neck from my wife when we are on a long journey, 'It's nice but it's not a Lexus, is it'. 'No Dear' I reply with a sigh. Not any more though, I can now add, 'It soon will be though, yippee! Am I under the thumb?