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  1. Looking to get from the dealer really as my car will need to be returned to pay off the finance owed etc but thanks for the link :)
  2. Thanks for the comments guys These seem to be really hard to find at the moment via a dealer Only 1 swb in the UK listed and non of the L's are close enough to look at in obsidian black On with the search
  3. Thanks guys for putting some of my fears to rest, I think when i get a test drive i'll pop home with it and check the parking situation for my driveway, length etc. good to know there is a nice solution for ipods id really miss that from my current car. I dont often go to multi stories so i'll just avoid them. Hopefully see you back here when I get mine, I've not even sat in one yet !! waiting for an obsidian black one, love that paint job
  4. Hi all, I've been looking up the LS600h L recently always fancied one but never got the chance, currently I'm driving an IS300h F Sport but I find it uncomfortable! im looking at a 2008 model as these are in my price range really, my questions are How are these cars when it comes to parking? driving around multi story car parks and getting in and out of a typical semi detached drive way? How far and how fast can you drive in EV mode is it the usual 1 mile and upto 20mpg? last question, if you have one of these how are they for current nav updates, does anyone have a DAB radio solution and Ipod connection in an early 600h? Thanks Brett
  5. Got the full electric seats on my f sport The easy access is great I find the car quite low to get in and out of and it really help get my fat arse in the car with the seat back. You just have to let the passenger out the back seat before getting out yourself so you don't crush their legs!!
  6. So far I'm getting around 40mpg in the f sport too only on my 2nd tank though My driving style is mostly rush hour urban. And my previous car CT se-l got me roughly 45 mpg on average. So overall very impressed with the 300h I'm sure it will only get better as the engine runs in.
  7. Thanks for the reply guys Figured out how to use the bluetooth tether on the iPhone hotspot needs to be on it seems even though it's connected via bluetooth already for phone In fact when it's connected in phone mode the wireless won't connect or even show up I get 1 gb a month on my contract so might see how much it uses
  8. I'm thinking of buying a pay as you go mi-fi device for the live traffic updates etc Does anyone know how much data it consumes? Trying to avoid another contract just for the gps! Thought about using my phone but I didn't really want to have the hotspot turned on all the time and it seems the car cannot do a data connection via bluetooth to an iPhone?
  9. Thanks guys £400!!! I've had them on my first IS200 the stainless steel ones with the EL lights, then again on the CT200 much more reliable LED Can be had on eBay for £250 ish plus shipping hmmmmmmm
  10. As the title, does anyone have the illuminated scuff plates on their is300h? Lexus advertise them as an option but no price My dealer didn't have the price to hand either. eBay prices are outrageous !!
  11. Hi all Now on my 5th Lexus Started with an Aztec fire IS200, then a mk2 GS300 in silver, next a messa red MK3 GS300 Ultra Blue CT200 and now an Ultra Blue IS300h F Sport, fully loaded, so many toys. Got to say it's the best Lexus I've driven yet! Loving it so far One day I'll be old enough for an LS lol
  12. Think it was about £45 tax I'm selling mine for £100 all in if that interests you?
  13. My SE-L has smart entry, parking sensors, leather seats, sat nav and dab and is just over a year old now
  14. Mines a late 2011 model and my dab does not show song titles either, quite annoying. What's new with the 2013 software?
  15. It's been a while but I think they pull up
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