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  1. Hi, Have you tried holding the button on the tailgate in and see if that closes it?
  2. A month ago I'd have gone for the standard NX with metallic paint, the Sport Premium Pack and the panoramic roof. It's close the the spec of the F-Sport and was exactly £40k so no luxury tax. Unfortunately it looks like they've put the price up, but you can still do it if you stick with the solid black paint.
  3. I've seen it on mine too. I wondered if it was related to traffic updates. Fortunately, I'm not travelling far enough to need traffic at the moment...
  4. Thanks all, I'll see how it goes over the next couple of weeks and get a trickle charger if it struggles.
  5. Hi, Has anyone got any suggestions on how to maintain the 12v battery in the car whilst travel is so limited? I've heard of hybrid car owners having difficulty with their 12v battery running down when they only do very short journeys because it doesn't get a chance to recharge properly, even more so than in non-hybrid vehicle. Is it safe to use a trickle charger, or are there any other techniques we can use?
  6. Sorry, confused. In one sentence you say it does not re-route, then a couple of sentences later you say it does re-route if it decides your route is better. Waze definitely does re-route due to traffic conditions, otherwise having traffic information would be pointless and I therefore would not use it. If you are trying to force it to use a route that you prefer vs its selected route, then I agree that it will generally try and get you to go back onto its selected route until you've gone so far down the new route that it makes more sense to stay on your route. But all Sat Navs do this, including the Lexus one. My NX will insist I use the M1/M25 when I go down south until I've gone far enough down the A46 for it to decide the M40 is the better option because in theory, the M1 is quicker until the traffic builds up. I can't force it to use the M40 unless it is the quickest, shortest or most eco-friendly route. If this is not what you are trying to say, then I apologise but I'm not following you.
  7. If I read you correctly, you're saying that Waze re-routes automatically due to a traffic problem, but you can't make it re-route manually. If so, it's not something I've tried, so I take your point. It is a slightly different statement to Waze does not re-route though. Ultimately, I don't think any of them are perfect, I've just found Waze to be the best for me when I use it. Whether I switch to Waze via CarPlay, when I get it, for every journey will depend on whether I get used to plugging my phone in every time, or if I find another solution.
  8. Waze definitely does re-route. I use Waze on my phone when I know that my NX Nav is sending me on a bad route, particularly when it involves the M25. I find Waze slightly better than Google Maps for finding those odd-looking little back routes than can get you around localised traffic jams. I find the NX Nav routing strange. Today I drove from Ealing to Coventry and the Nav route was to go through a 30 minute delay on the M1 (which it was telling me about) with overall delays of around an hour. I checked Google Maps before I left, so I knew the M40 was pretty much clear once you got past the M25 and once I'd persuaded the Nav that my route was better, my arrival time dropped by nearly an hour. It does this regularly, so I've learnt not to totally trust it in heavy traffic. I'm intending to add CarPlay to my NX when it's released.
  9. Good news so far on my replacement sensors, after the heavy rain at the weekend I've had no sign of issues with them this week. Let's hope it stays that way! I did manage to get a quick video of the sensors going off with nothing in front of the car to show the dealer, but apart from showing them the problem they didn't really use it. It might help if your dealer tries to argue or doesn't find a fault though.
  10. It might be that the phone got stuck in a cycle of constantly trying to find one of your Lexus connections. A similar thing happens when the phone can't get a signal from the provider's network.
  11. The later GS cars do have road sign recognition and they will interpret anything that looks like a speed limit sign, including those on the back of lorries. I think the highest figure I've seen is about 120, I assume it doesn't distinguish between mph and kmh. Unfortunately updating your Sat Nav won't help because it is based on what the camera around the rear view mirror picks up.
  12. I've had this issue on my NX too with similar symptoms. So far 2 front parking sensors have been replaced under warranty, both in the grille. The dealer says it does register a fault in the ECU, so no arguments on the warranty replacement. At the moment, I'm not certain if the new parking sensors are a permanent fix or a temporary one. I'm hoping it's a batch of faulty sensors so I won't see any future problems.
  13. Here it is. It provides a good stable fit and doesn't vibrate too much when you're driving. The gearstick does go round it without a problem when moving into and out of Park, but you do have to hold it differently so you don't catch your hand on the holder. Also, it does miss the overhang of the upper dashboard nicely. The issues are that it's a bit fiddly to expand the clamp to fit it as it's awkward to get to the screw wheel to tighten and loosen it but it is doable. Also, the phone ends up a bit low so you have to take your eyes of the road for longer than you'd ideally like too in order to look at the screen. For me, it's fine because I only use it occasionally when I want to use a more reliable sat nav system. I suspect I'll stop using it when Apple CarPlay / Android Auto becomes available.
  14. @DanD Sorry, just read this. I'll get some photos tomorrow for you.