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  1. Hi, My dealer is also saying that the GS will be replaced with the FWD ES and he reckons there will be about 12 months without a GS or equivalent in the range. It looks like there are some bargains to be had on the last few GS models though...
  2. Problems Encountered with the LC500

    I have this problem on my GS and I've tracked it down to the seatbelt buckle (socket), the stalk seems to allow it to vibrate. It's not that loud, but it is noticeable around town when the stereo is not on. I can shut it up for a while by pushing it as far back as it will go, but it always comes back. I'll get the dealer to look at it next time it goes in for some other work. If you want to test this on your car, plug the seatbelt in with no-one in the passenger seat and see if it goes away.
  3. Seems odd that they would stop selling the GS before they've even announced its replacement?
  4. New Lexus UX revealed

    I like it. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh...
  5. I've seen quite a few reviews of cars with these fitted as standard by the manufacturer and the reviewers tend to find them unreliable. They often need a few kicks in the right way in just the right place to work and it looks like they might quickly become frustrating. Whilst car manufacturers don't always fit the best quality parts, I'd struggle to believe a cheap Chinese version is likely to be any better. It's possible that the technology is just not good enough yet. I completely agree about the amount of dirt that the rear of the car collects though. I think the key fob is the best solution at the moment.
  6. I've got a GS300h Executive Edition and that's got 17 inch wheels as standard, so they'll definitely fit.
  7. I've got a 2016 Executive Edition and agree with everything Ten Ninety says. It's a great car for a relaxed drive, but I find it has enough power when it's needed. The standard anti-CVT comments are true, but it really is only noticeable when you put your foot to the floor, so it promotes a calmer driving style! :) When I looked at the trim levels, I couldn't see an extra £4k in equipment for the Luxury version, so it was an easy choice for me. The only thing I would have liked to add to the car is the ML audio system. The in-car entertainment system is a let-down in the way it works, but the screen is great. The biggest problem I have with it is trying to get the internet-based traffic working reliably, it seems to come and go on most journeys and not just because of signal problems. I haven't yet found a way to tell for definite whether it is using internet traffic or RDS traffic so it can be difficult to work out how reliable the traffic information is. On the whole, it's one of the best cars I've owned and suits my and my driving style very well.
  8. I've got these on mine too. I agree that they are not noticeably quieter, but I think the sound is not as harsh as the original tyres and they can be virtually silent on right surface. I also agree that they handle really well in all conditions, very safe. The only issue I've found is a bit more vibration through the steering wheel, presumably because they are XL tyres. I've got used to that though. I think they're very good tyres.
  9. Mine auto locks. You can either set it to lock at a certain speed, or when you move it out of park. The settings are configurable in the head unit in Settings -> Vehicle -> Vehicle Customization.
  10. Hi, 1. is in the Voice settings in the Setup menu. 2. TPMS is reset in the display in the instrument panel. From the manual (my PDF copy is American, hence the wrong spellings): How to initialize the tire pressure warning system 1. Park the vehicle in a safe place and turn the power switch off. Initialization cannot be performed while the vehicle is moving. 2. Adjust the tire inflation pressure to the specified cold tire inflation pressure level. Make sure to adjust the tire pressure to the specified cold tire inflation pressure level. The tire pressure warning system will operate based on this pressure level. 3. Turn the power switch to ON mode. 4. Press < or > on the meter control switch and select [COG ICON]. 5. Press [UP] or [DOWN] on the meter control switch and select “Vehicle Settings”. Then press [DOT]. 6. Press [UP] or [DOWN] on the meter control switch and select “TPMS”. Then press and hold [DOT] until a message is displayed. The message will be displayed on the multi-information display and the tire pressure warning light will blink slowly 3 times. 7. When the message disappears, initialization is complete. 3. Sorry, can't help with this, you might need to contact the dealer. I hope this helps.
  11. Judging by the photos I found on Google, some have a Disc/Aux button under the CD slot, or if it's the same as the other Lexus cars I've had, the Mode button on the steering wheel should cycle through the different sources.
  12. Mine are also on the lowest setting but will come on going under a tree on a sunny late afternoon. They also come on going under any bridge. My previous car was a Skoda and that was much better. I think the difference is that the Skoda waits for a second or two before deciding whether to turn the lights on, that would give you time to pass under a narrow bridge or a tree without them coming on. I think this is what the Lexus system needs. It would also be nice to be able to turn the auto lights off and let me choose for myself. I also can't find the right setting for the wipers, I think the setting I want is somewhere between the first and second setting. If I set them to anything other than low sensitivity they seems to be constantly trying to wipe a screen that's dry. If I put them on the lowest setting, as I speed up they decide to wait until the screen is covered until wiping. I've found that flipping between the 2 settings gives me a reasonable compromise. By comparison, I rarely had to change the setting on the Skoda, except in extreme conditions. Having said that, it's a much nicer car than the Skoda and I can forgive it these relatively small problems.
  13. I've got a 300h and agree with Ten Ninety, it suits a relaxed driver. It can pick up it's skirts and go in Sports mode, but it doesn't really feel like it's accelerating hard. Fortunately, it's pretty much ideal for me.
  14. I've got Michelin CrossClimates on my GS. I can't say they are any quieter than the ones that it came with, but the noise does not seem so harsh so it's easier to ignore. I think they've cut some of the higher frequency noise. They only do XLs in the size I needed and there is more vibration coming through the steering wheel now, but I wouldn't say the ride is noticeably worse. I haven't tried them in the snow, but in cold wet weather they do corner with confidence and I haven't felt them lose grip or concern me in any way. I think if I could have got non-XL tyres they would really suit the car, but there is a bit of a compromise with the vibration because they are XLs. You could say it helps you to feel more connected to the road though.